Forget Final Fantasy 7, Here's Why Xenogears Needs A Remake

Here's why Square Enix should focus their attention on making a Xenogears remake, just like Final Fantasy 7.

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DivineAssault 2713d ago

Both would be nice.. Something is better than nothing though

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Godmars2902712d ago

Pity Square in its current form is incapable of either.

Though it would be nice to get a version of Xeno that filled out the later part made into 45 minutes of exposition.

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rainslacker2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

I'd prefer Xenosaga with Monolith at the helm. Heck, just a remaster would be sufficient. Mostly because I feel the whole universe and story is much more fleshed out than it was in xenogears, which itself was pretty complex and deep.

Sadly, I can't see Nintendo getting the rights from Namco to allow Takahashi to do it, and better yet, actually finish the series.

It really sucks though that Gears hasn't been remade or remastered. The game is remarkable, even today, but the graphics are kind of hard to stomach nowadays, particularly on LCD/LED TV's.

It's kind of funny that Xenogears was originally created as a concept for FFVII.

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FallenAngel19842713d ago

You're never going to see Square Enix devote as much time and resource to another remake like they are with FFVII. The fact that FFVIIR is taking this long to develop and is being delivered episodically to give it to consumers in a more timely manner should show you this amount of effort isn't going to become a common thing, let alone for a smaller title like Xenogears even though it's an awesome title

_-EDMIX-_2712d ago

Well how many RPGs are like Final Fantasy 7? So of course you're never going to see them devote this much time and resources to another remake because how many games really get the type of reception that Final Fantasy 7 has received?

So I think it is possible for Xenogears to get a remake simply not going to be to the magnitude that you're saying with Final Fantasy 7 simply because square has remade many games before, just never to this scale.

Setzer0072712d ago

How do you know they wouldn't devote as much time and resource into another remake? A FFVIR could get the same treatment. They wanna do it.

Antnee5342712d ago

Yes yes yes! I would rather this be remade than any of the final fantasy games this is the best rpg

VersusDMC2712d ago

That would be awesome. The ps1 version has not aged well. But it didn't sell enough. People are lucky Namco picked up the franchise and gave us the Xenosaga trilogy. Square is busy with KH3, FFXV DLC and Marvel games now. But maybe a cheaper outsourced team.. Very low chance of happening.

rainslacker2711d ago

And now Nintendo has the new Xeno series, and Xenoblade seems to be where it will stay. A remaster I could probably get into, but Takahashi is probably consumed with something else for a remake, or continuation. At least he's able to follow some xeno series with the blades stuff, but would love to see a completion or Saga, or maybe a resurrection of gears.

CrimsonWing692712d ago

Yea I'd much rather have a Xenogears remake, but as much as I know they'll suck the charm out of it and it won't be as great as the original version I'll take the FF7 remake