Xbox Live Gold membership free... forever!

Ever fancied not paying for your Xbox Live Gold account? One rather fortuitous gamer believes he has stumbled upon a way to allow himself to enable Xbox Live forever without paying. spoke to the gamer, who asked to remain anonymous, to see if they could find out more details.
Asked why he wasn't explaining what had happened he replied:

"I've sent Microsoft all the details of what I did. However, I can't tell anyone, I've been told by a Microsoft game studio developer if I do Microsoft will be extremely pissed off, if I don't there won't be any legal consequences."

The error, which the young man has posted a video documenting (see source), allows the gamer to have free access to an Xbox Live Gold account. The Xbox Live service allows gamers to play multiplayer and download demos and movies. Currently gamers pay a yearly subscription fee of £40.

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sjappie5432d ago

I'm very happy to pay 60 euro's a year for the killer-service that's xbox live.

TheMART5432d ago

If no one would pay anymore

It would be a sh!tty service... Like the Sony network. For real:

- No unified friendlist
- A different system for every game
- Why doesn't have Resistance no co-op? I bet problems with the network. This option of co-op is so great in Gears or Rainbow Six for the 360
- More chance of lag or disconnection

and the worst of all:

Gameproducer has to build the servers... Which could mean, if a game is played by too few gamers in the view of the gameproducer, or they don't want to spend any money anymore on the game, after 2 years the game could be terminated from playing online.

While a premium service like XBL is unified. As long as there is one other player for a game online you could get a match.

Simple as that. There you pay for. Maintaining a premium service like that cost some money. 'Free' services always aren't the best...

The Snake5432d ago

I think not having co-op in Resistance was a design decision by the developers. If the PSN can have 40 player deathmatch, it sure as hell can handle 2 player co-op. Either way, XBL is definitely a far better service and I have absolutely no problem paying $50 a year for it.

BIadestarX5432d ago

As long as microsoft continue to bring cool stuff to xbox live I don't mind paying. There is only one thing that Sony and Nintendo have to do if they want to convince me that their Service is better. Create a service where gamers can play games cross-platform, i.e. if I want to play a friend that has a PC game that I have on the console that I can do so. I global friends list that it's also cross-platform. I want to be able to be connected to my friends and know what they are playing regarless of platform or what game they are playing, heck I want to be able to receive game invites even when I am watching a movie. If Sony and Nintendo can do that for free than *&#$%#$ microsoft until then @#$#$ Sony's and Nintendo's online service, microsoft spoiled my @$$ and I will not settle for less. For now the PS3 and the wii will serve me to play some of those single or local multiplayer games I would like to play.

ChronicOsmosis5432d ago

I have found away to turn my 360 in to a spaceship but i cant tell u cause microsoft told me not too.

Grown Folks Talk5432d ago

showed jack. your trial is enabled. hooray! you can browse more than 1 site at a time. hooray!

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The story is too old to be commented.