X'08 Canada: Gears of War 2 Impressions

Andrew Sztein of GamingExcellence writes: "Joining the ranks of the Halo franchise as one of Microsoft's golden Xbox eggs, Gears of War 2 is easily one of the most anticipated games of the year."

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Blip Blip5552d ago (Edited 5552d ago )

I think the chainsaw duels will be nerve wracking. If you get shot by another enemy while dueling, you automatically lose the duel. I'll bet "Help Me!" will replace "Headshot!" as the most used phrase in Gears. lol

thor5552d ago

Before you say anything, I'm not bashing this game. I just wonder why Killzone 2, perhaps the PS3's main shooter, gets a lot of criticism for being "just another FPS that doesn't innovate", whereas this game, perhaps the 360's main shooter, gets praise for being pretty much the same gameplay as the original, i.e. "just another TPS that doesn't innovate".

mintaro5552d ago

Tps perhaps? Im not too sure.

Blip Blip5552d ago (Edited 5552d ago )

Probably because Killzone has never been a very good I.P. to begin with. Killzone needs to prove it's worth with Killzone 2. Gears 2 is an improvment on an already proven I.P. Comparing Gears to KZ2 or Resistance 2 is lame anyways, because they aren't even in the same perspective.

Lord Vader5552d ago (Edited 5552d ago )

Maybe because it looks very similar to COD4 in the gameplay vids, there are SO many fps's out there = the genre is constantly oversaturated, & the first game was not very good. I'd say it's pretty tough to innovate the FPS nowadays, but Bioshock did for me. Also, the 3rd person perspective & mainly the cover system in Gears is so cool & I consider it innovative even though the didn't invent it, Epic just about perfected it. I still think Gears of War 1 is the best MP shooter ever invented IMHO, but I'm also not big on fps's unless they are very, very good like COD4 & Halo 3.

All that said though, the visuals look great, I hope the story & the gameplay live up to the hype... Next to the next gen God of War, KZ2 is still the game I want most for my PS3 though.

thor5552d ago

You're probably right there, but if gears 2 is just more of the same, should I really care about it? I passed on Gears 1 (got crysis instead) but I don't know if I should pick it up... I'm assuming gears 2 will come out on PC around this time next year? (Got crysis warhead, LBP, wipeout HD, resistance 2, possibly motorstorm 2, mirror's edge, fallout 3, killzone 2, GoW 3, Infamous + others to keep me occupied until then lol)

Lord Vader5552d ago (Edited 5552d ago )

Thats a tough call seeing as how it sounds like u havent played the game. I've never played the pc version myself. "They say" Gears 2 isn't coming out for the pc though, but I find it hard to believe.

If you have a 360, I'd say rent the first game, if not, I'm not sure what you can do unless u have a friend with a 360 that will let u play it.

Although nothing is garunteed, I would be very surprized if KZ2 wasn't a very good shooter. Lol, hard to advise you though, since Gears of War is my favorite MP game of all time = lol

Blip Blip5552d ago (Edited 5552d ago )

Well you know it's up to you what you want to do. Th 360 is at a very good price now, there are several good games not on PC that are worth owning as well.

I've got to say though, if you are buying the sequels to the quality of games like Resistance and Motorstorm, you should play through Gears (1 or 2)and play some multiplayer. It is a really good game. The production values are high, but it has a "B-movie" type feel. Kind of like Starship Troopers, or Mars Attacks! (no relation in story though).

TheColbertinator5552d ago

Interesting question.Well if you never owned Gears 1,then Gears 2 should feel good for you.Its kinda like buying Rainbow Six Vegas 2 instead of R6V1.You get the improved graphics,better online,and problems of the past are fixed.

However,I do think Gears 2 is pretty much the same thing but your getting more of what the series does well and I feel some things will feel new in Gears 2 like a longer campaign.

NO_PUDding5552d ago

I think that was a fair point.

FPS' are getting dogged on quite a bit.

Here's my critisism of this game though. It's seems so schizophrenic. It's like they want it to be a joke, but then Cliff is also sayign this game has an emotional story and it doesn't make sense.

"I love my wife so 'huggy mugyy much' that I'll chainsaw throguh every bad guy".

Seriously? What is it? A funny slapstick gore game, or a Hollywood quality story?

Blip Blip5552d ago (Edited 5552d ago )

Gears isn't slapstick, but it has alot of personality. It's blockbuster quality. It reminds me of a good B-movie with high production values. The same ingredients that usually make a film a cult classic.

Just a guess, but I would almost bet my right nut that Cliff Blezinski is a Quinton Tarantino fan.

ChrisGTR15552d ago (Edited 5552d ago )

people are skeptical on kilzone 2 only because the first one suckd bawls, which is a pretty good reason to be worried about with the second one as its the same developer. and why do you say gears isnt innovative? it spawned a TON of cheap immitator games, uncharted,dark sector, army of two. gears 1 is still the pinacle of graphics on console and is still unbeaten by anything on ps3 honestly. i still remember killzone 1 being the "halo killer" up until it was released and was a major flop.

TheColbertinator5552d ago


You have been arguing with PS3 fanboys too much man.Using words like Flop and PS3 this has made you too angry.Just relax.You are'nt dealing with Infinite Unfloppery here.

OOG5552d ago

I dont see how KZ got even brought into this.....they really have nothing in common.......

Anyways Gears 2 look like it is gonna be hella fun cant wait to play online Co oP again since I thought that was the best part of the original :)

ChrisGTR15551d ago

@ steven, true , sometimes i read these ps3 fanboys comments and i just get angry at how ignorant the person that typed it is. i should just start ignoring them.

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Lord Vader5552d ago

On topic, Gears 2 cannot come soon enough !!!! Can't wait !!!

Omega45552d ago

Certainly looks to be Shooter GOTY 08 and with the new pricecut the sales could possibly eve top Halo 3 current record