Monster Hunter 3 first screenshots

Capcom has released the first screenshots of Monster Hunter 3 tri- for the Wii which will be playable at Tokyo Game Show next month.

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vashivihang4076d ago

this game joined the conduit as my #1 3rd party game to buy because theres only one thing that i like as much as killing people in online with great graphics:
playing hack/slash monster hunting online with great graphics.

Gr814076d ago

must admit, this game is looking damn good.

StephanieBBB4076d ago

But omg... such a waste to have it out for the wii...

iamtehpwn4076d ago

That's a Great looking Wii game.
I think that this may actually Beat Conduit.
The water effect could use a little work,
but the textures over top impressive. I could see this game graphics as a possible a First gen 360 game.

El_Colombiano4076d ago

AWESOME. These screens definitely confirm there will be a PSP version.

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BrotherNick4076d ago

Even though I'm a wii fan, I wish they could make it so all consoles can enjoy this, and inter-play between consoles finally came. Everyone should be able to play this title. :)

vashivihang4076d ago

are you for real or did the machines create you and put some sense into you?

bubles up for you friend for being non-fanboyish

-_-4076d ago

[[looks cool,would look much better on the psp]]

TheColbertinator4076d ago

Beautiful...just amazing.Good job Capcom

DarthTigra 4076d ago

Wow im highly surprised by the graphics.

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The story is too old to be commented.