Grand Theft Auto 4 runs faster on Xbox One

There are now well over 300 titles running under Xbox One backward compatibility, but arguably, this trio of releases are some of the most important. Grand…

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MRMagoo123614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

yet it runs worse , which is surprising.......unless you didn't read the article of course and just went by the title 🤔

the title should be "grand theft auto 4 runs faster but worse performance on Xbox one"

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quent615d ago

Impressive when you consider just how poorly gta 4 ran across all systems last gen because of how much of a resource hog it was and now on the xb1 performance is increased purely through software emulation that normally would take a lot more power to brute force better performance/stability through emulation alone

ColonelHugh614d ago

Was I the only one who read the article?

"However, frame-pacing on Xbox One isn't quite right. Where 360 delivers new frames in 16ms and 33ms intervals, Xbox One often tosses in a bunch of 50ms and even 66ms spikes. The end result is that while mathematically, GTA4 runs faster on Xbox One than it does on Xbox 360, the experience is something else entirely. It feels choppier and more uneven, while controller latency - hardly one of the game's strongest points on original hardware - sometimes feels significantly laggier on Xbox One. In certain areas, frame-pacing seems to normalise but by and large, in-game performance seems less stable."

The framerate is up, and that's great, but performance is far from perfect. The frame pacing is worse by-the-numbers than Bloodborne, cutting into controller latency.

butchertroll614d ago

Yes, i read it to. Headline is just for clicks. So, game is more stable on X360.

Major_Glitch614d ago

Wow. So the biggest deal on Xbox One right now is a last gen game that runs poorly? Good job Team Microsoft. *slow clap*

IndominusRex614d ago

Would the scorpio boost backwards compatible games?

quent614d ago

On a hardware level its unlikely because it would add to production costs, but from a software/app level they can definitely improve upon it, maybe something along the lines of a in house built from the ground up emulator for xb1 and the win10 store with crossplay support, that would be quite amazing

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The story is too old to be commented.