Grand Theft Auto Movie? Take-Two Films Are in the Works, Will Have Creative Control

Is a Grand Theft Auto movie incoming soon? Get ready to see your favorite Rockstar and 2K games on the big screen as Take-Two films are in the works. The company wants creative control.

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-Foxtrot614d ago

Well Ubisoft had creative control over Assassins Creed with a great actor and director behind it yet they still screwed up

Creative control means nothing if you are going to follow the same mistakes Hollywood would make without you.

Derekvinyard13614d ago

I've said it once and I'll say it a million times, Hollywood will never make a good video game movie after the screwup that was max Payne. With that game you are literally handed a movie and they still managed to botch it

-Foxtrot614d ago

All they have to do is to have a writer who is a gamer, loves the games and who will follow them as closely as they possibly can.

Not hard to do

Gamble20614d ago

Just my personal theory but I think the interactive element of a video game is still the part that makes it difficult to translate to film. There are a lot of games with great stories, but the fact that you can immerse yourself in playing the characters is what makes it better. In a movie you lose that immersion and you have to rely solely on the emotional attachments to the character. There hasn't been a film yet that has been able to truly create that emotional bond. With books or comics coming to film, they are already designed to create that in a narrative process. Video games, even if they do use heavy narrative process, still need that interaction. There are some stories that I love playing but when I take a step back and ask myself "If I couldn't play this and just had to watch it start to finish, would I enjoy it just as much?" And the answer is generally no.

-Foxtrot614d ago

If you take the gameplay out and focus on the main cutscenes you could easilly bridge the gap between the scenes.

Take Drakes Fortune for example. Most of the gameplay sections within the game could easily be removed and replaced with quick cuts to the next scene. If we take the first section of the game where Sully and Nate look around the jungles of Central America for El Dorado you could easily by pass most of the traps and puzzles in that level, all you would have to pick is one or two key scenes then move it along to the next scene when they realise that the statue has been moved.

Personally I would choose the scene where everything starts to collapse and you need to run for your life only for Sully to take the easy way in the end by just walking across what's almost crushed you to death. This scene would be 1) A great set piece. 2) Shows Nates struggles and so called luck. 3) Shows the comedy with Sully taking the easy route in the end which would lead to 4) The interaction of the two characters. This scene in that first level would literally sum everything up nicely of that chapter.

You go in the entrance, walk around, pull a chain for the door, get through, the massive set piece happens, they get through ok and BAM they end up in the room where they discover El Dorado was a statue and was dragged out by a back entrance. This shaves a shit load of time off the story.

Khalina614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

The problem is that a the cutscenes of Drakes Fortune, would not make a good movie. It would be average at best. Video game story telling is very lacking, and has significantly lower standards.

The Last of Us however, would make an amazing movie. Get rid of the gameplay sections, adjust the scenes to fit the flow of the movie slightly better, put some of the more significant gameplay sections and quiet moments into the movie, and you'll get not only the best video game movie ever made, but also an actually amazing movie.

-Foxtrot614d ago

I beg to differ. Drakes Fortune, even cutscene wise, is better then most of the silly adventure films that have came out in the past decade.

Khalina613d ago

"I beg to differ. Drakes Fortune, even cutscene wise, is better then most of the silly adventure films that have came out in the past decade."

Sure, it might be better than the silly adventure films, but that doesn't exactly make it good. The Last of Us on the other hand would make an actually good movie.

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cfc83614d ago

They would basically be using the i.p to milk it. How on earth can you make a movie that accurately portrays gta ?

614d ago
Limbrick614d ago

I think GTA works as a movie if it is a parody type. A parody featuring multiple GTA games, or GTA and other games. Something like " Not Another Teen Movie" or " Scary Movie". GTA games are basically parodies and would not be a fun movie if done all dramatic and serious.

Gamble20614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

But beyond the first few Scary Movies when the genre was brand new, live action parody films have flopped so hard.

smolinsk614d ago

I would say that in some way what makes the resident evil films work is that it do not follow the games and have more freedom to make something creative on top of the residents evil formel. That works much better then the films tries to much to follow the games to strictly.

614d ago
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