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UK REVIEW--When it launched all the way back in 1995, the original Wipeout was a poster child for the original PlayStation in the West. While games such as F-Zero had come before it, the mix of cutting-edge visuals and a licensed techno soundtrack was a unique take on the futuristic racing genre, and it struck a chord with both hardcore gamers and those who'd never been interested in the hobby before. In the interim, the series has settled on the PSP with Wipeout Pure and Pulse, two games that not only showed off the power of the console, but were great games in their own right. With Wipeout HD, Sony has brought the tracks, ships, and soundtrack of these two games to the PlayStation 3, wrapping it all up in a shiny 1080p graphics at a low £11.99 ($20) price point. The repackaging of existing content means it offers very little new for players of the PSP games, while the online multiplayer actually features fewer modes than the PSP games. While many fans will have trouble resisting that high-definition makeover, they'll be paying for very little that they haven't played before.

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Rick Astley4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

"Tracks, ships, and music have all appeared before."

It's a REMAKE! LMAO! Typical GameSpot, back to their PS3-hating ways. WipEout HD is getting nothing but 9's everywhere else.

sajj3164070d ago

Agreed ... not sure what they are reviewing ... its $20.00 dollars as well!

marinelife94070d ago

I ceased to care what Gamespot thought of a game long ago in a galaxy far far away.

Close_Second4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago ) all fairness, the following games are also remakes but offer significant improvements:

- Super Stardust HD
- Bionic Commando: Rearmed
- PacMan: CE

Personally I can't wait to play Wipeout on the PS3 however, I really look forward to a true Wipeout sequel with vehicle and track damage modeling, larger tracks, more open tracks (i.e. Burnout Paradise style) and some real depth to on-line play.

As for this review, who really gives a sh*t. So Gamespot only gives it a 7.5 its no reason to get upset and call for arms.

Irving4070d ago

Looks like Gamespot doesn't know how to count beyond 7.5 when it comes to scoring PS3 games.

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Relcom4070d ago

Seeing as they have been use in the PSP games(which did not sell well) this is gonna be really new to tons of people. I don't see the logic there. I like Gamespot but it is hard to defend something like this.

Oh and its 20$!!!

HB-Sauce4070d ago

I can agree with them on the lack of online modes compared to the PSP versions, but I didn't think people would expect an entirely new WipEout game (for $20). The only reason I didn't love Pure on the PSP was that your neck would hurt after playing a couple hours on the PSP, and seeing as the PS3 runs off of a tv it should be a much better experience.

KingDizzi4070d ago

Nit picking, what a silly review considering it is just a remake and everyone else loves it

juuken4070d ago

Not surprised.

dirtrider4070d ago

i been thinking, do you have 2 go-t's, or just one, since you have 2 chins!!!! hypocritical droid

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The story is too old to be commented.