Call Of Duty is Dead

Finally, the mighty Call Of Duty franchise has fallen and more and more gamers are waking up to the fact that this series is long over do for some major renovations. So can Activision bring back the spirit of Call Of Duty or is it time to bury this dead franchise for good.

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Sciurus_vulgaris2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Call of Duty is far from dead. The franchise is just on the decline. Which that was bound to happen eventually.

bouzebbal2656d ago

Best selling franchise in 2016 is dead ? What a dumb article.

Tussin1872656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

3 of the games were in the top ten in 2016 were COD games. I guess they forgot to read their investment details. Activision said they were disappointed with sales. That doesn't equate dead. For them not selling 20 million is disappointing. That's the difference.

And to all the people who wish is dead. No one is forcing you to buy the games
If there's so many other good games out there , like you say, why does it even matter to you at this point. The market is there for the actual fans of the franchise.

I think I'm starting to get it. Deep down you really want the game because you guys sure do talk about a lot. Don't like then don't buy it. Simple as that
From what we hear they might be putting boots back on the ground.

I've read many complaints on that front but I have a striking feeling, that even if they do go back on the ground, you guys will still complain.

Kaneki-Ken2656d ago

Because COD4 Remastered was the only reason it sold well but by itself, Infinite Warfare probably would have been worst selling franchise in 2016

4Sh0w2655d ago

lol, if COD is dead, please somebody kill me. Sure Activision was disappointed but that's just because COD is a cash cow and they expect it to sell bigger numbers every year= not achieving higher sales is far from dead. btw, COD IW campaign was very good, the multi is decent pretty much the same as usual and no the graphics are not gonna omg wow you but that's never been COD strength. Personally the only big negative imo is the microtransaction crap but that's not unique to COD.

riibhu2655d ago

All the hate you see are in internet forums only. And these people who talk big on internet forums are the minority of the actual market.

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IamTylerDurden12656d ago

BO3 sold massively and was the best selling game of 2015. Infinite Warfare is the best selling game of 2016. Cod is far from dead, i just think ppl are tired of the future theme a bit. Luckily the next Cod sounds like it will go back in time to WW2 or Vietnam, which is very intriguing imo.

MRMagoo1232655d ago

I agree , I think it was the theme this time that hampered sales, I would put money on it selling massively once again if they did ww2 again

Profchaos2655d ago

No it wasn't the best selling game this year bf1 recorded better numbers globally

-Foxtrot2657d ago

Oh...no...I'm so sad....the pain....it hurts


Oh well, maybe people will actually start to buy games which are actually good and where the developers have actually put some effort into them.

zaherdab2656d ago

I don't see why you consider these games are lacking effort and that they are not good ...
there's a good production value in these games and a decent amount of content. for people whole like this type of games i think they are still top of the class and those who were never interested in them won't magically like them

naruga2656d ago

Foxtrot is right ...better be and left dead ...so many quality games are left in the shadows because people mass playing this sloppy mediocrity (is bad even for an FPS) ...also how many games went ridiculous because trying to have a share from COD s pie ..it destroyed all FPS after it

Newmanator2655d ago

Zahdab-you can't be saying such true and logical statements on N4G.

Vegamyster2655d ago


You may not like CoD but you can't honestly say they're bad, they give you good amount of content for your money compared to many of shooters. The issue with the series is fatigue, there has been one every year since 2003 and the core mechanics haven't changes drastically other than the movement/perk/KS system.

TorpeAlex2656d ago

You can certainly opine that the games aren't good, but it's nonsense to look at Infinite Warfare (or any of them really) and say, "The developers didn't put any effort into this." The budget and team size are 100% on display for these games every release.

Sharky2312656d ago

I felt like infinite warfare was a step in the right direction as far as the story. It was the first cod story that I actually cared about in awhile!

senorfartcushion2656d ago

What is bad about the franchise?

The shooting mechanics are second to none and they release anual games with the same quality.

yeahokwhatever2656d ago

COD's shooting mechanics are second to:Unreal Tournament, Battlefield, Halo, Doom, Counter Strike, Halflife, Overwatch, etc. I love COD, I've got over 800 hours logged in 1 year from freaking Blops2. BUT, I don't think the shooting is somehow better than several other games, I think the multiplayer is just consistently good. Match to match, I know what I'm getting into. While I feel the guns are far more fun to shoot in BF, I might get on a sever where people play the objective, or I might get into a server with a bunch of mountain goat snipers and get bored. If I have 30 minutes to kill, I KNOW i can play at least 1 fun round of COD.

nopeola2656d ago

It's not dead but,

Quality of the series overall has been declining for years, mainly since they switched to focus on multiplayer, only exeception being COD4 since it was the first to start. If you look back at the earliest games COD 1&2 for example, the focus was on telling a story, it was linear(still is now, but just not as good) and well made and took on average 4 years to make. They actually got awards for it, look up 2003 COD awards. They recently brought back a longer 3 year development cycle, but before it was a 1 year cycle and quality suffered because they had to rush it, which lead to reused maps, assets, and "innovation" like fish physics and a gutted single player campaign that's a fraction of what it used to be. I get multiplayer sells, but they neither take the time or effort to do it as well as they did their single player back in the day. In fact look at Titanfall 2 for a glimpse at how they could do COD, because even though sales weren't amazing(due to launching alongside BF1) the quality was, both in single player and multiplayer. Hopefully it does better with the new one, but I myself moved on to other games.

IamTylerDurden12656d ago

I think ppl like you are unfairly maligning Infinite Warfare simply bc the future premise is getting old, and well... bc it's just the popular thing to do. Infinite Warfare actually had a very good campaign and it was quite gorgeous on PS4 Pro with a 4K HDR. Kit Harrington was appealing as the antagonist and the story actually kept you invested. The mp was similar to BO3, which had solid, competent mp. Perhaps they could've innovated more on the mp side, but it wasn't inherently bad, it was just weaker than the strong sp. However, judging from the outside Zombies seemed a bit better in BO3.

I actually like what they are doing with the Sabotage DLC. The four different themed maps is a cool idea, especially the Neon map where enemies dissolve into a smattering of futuristic pixels when you kill them. I also like the idea of taking you to a classic 1990's summer camp (in Zombies) ripped straight from the campy horror movies we grew up on.

nopeola2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Im not even talking about inifinite warfare, im talking broadly about the decade before when they made ww2 games that focused on story. I know its subjective but alot of ppl felt those games were of quality bc of the attention to detail and "telling a story" namely a war story. The releases after cod 4 focused on increasingly convaluted stories and were not imo up to the same level of narrative or quality service that inifinity ward gave to ww2, or cod4. Thats mainly because back then they took their time with 4 years development, and a focus on telling a story to base their game on. IMO they watered down the story in their games since cod4 and quality went downhill mainly due to a annual release schedule. Its better now with 3 year rotation between studios, but they have alot to prove and judging by dislikes in favor of ita main competitor battlefield they still dont get it.

But to give them credit I thought single player on advanced warfare was interesting esp having spacey. Havent played infinite warfare though so I cant comment on that.

_-EDMIX-_2656d ago


Except good is a subjective concept and I'm pretty positive despite how much you don't like Call of Duty that they're developers put effort into their releases.

I think maybe you need to accept having an opinion about something does not render it "fact".....

Stop worrying about what other people play. I'm pretty positive that the massive install base that purchases Call of Duty every year it's probably going to continue to do so for a pretty long number of years. It is very clear that this company and its teams are doing something correct if people continue to purchase Call of Duty in fact I'm not even sure if there is even a legitimate second to something like Call of Duty in terms of first person shooters that release yearly.

nopeola2655d ago

I think your overeading, Im not worried about what other ppl like im giving my opinion like everyone else. And dang you sound like you work for them i didnt have to scroll up far to read your fanboy comments defending the game on another post, calm your nips.

_-EDMIX-_2655d ago

@no- don't care

" I don't even play Call of Duty anymore and I'm not attacking its fan base. "

If you don't like it , you don't need to buy it, no one's actually forcing you to.

riibhu2655d ago

If you or any as a matter of fact think COD sucks then don't buy it. No one's forcing you.

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PhoenixUp2657d ago

Yes one of the highest selling franchises last year is a dead series 😕

Seriously use logic before you equate Call of Duty to a dead franchise like Medal of Honor

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FallenAngel19842657d ago

If an allegedly "dead franchise" can still commercially outperform most other games during a given year, what does that say about the rest of the industry? You going to say everything with less success is dead as well?

Summons752656d ago

We've all been saying it for years. Good sales ≠ a good game. Every year since COD 4 it's been the same. COD gets announced and everyone is hyped, the game comes out and sells well, people play the game and see it is exactly the same just reskinned and everyone gets mad and says it's terrible, COD gets announced and everyone is hyped claiming "they will give it a chance"...rinse/repeat.

COD is trash and a plague on our market. May have been the "best-selling" game of last year but that was mostly for the COD4 remaster because I hear nothing but negative remarks on Infinite Warfare and it was Battlefield was way more popular.

sales ≠ quality