Nintendo president gaining confidence in iPhone gaming following big 'Mario,' 'Fire Emblem' launches

By Malcolm Owen
Thursday, February 09, 2017, 12:39 pm PT (03:39 pm ET)

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Featuring_Dante705d ago

ofcourse they would, they can't compete in a highly competitive landscape which is console gaming, so they go the cheap, cowardly route of mobile gaming.

DanteVFenris666705d ago

Ummm okay? Their are great mobile games out their. Don't need to generalize. Nintendo has also been making sure their mobile games have quality.

2cents705d ago

A refreshingly honest and unashamed capitalistic set of answers.

All about the Benjamin's.

gamer7804705d ago

ugh phone gaming, its the worst.

343_Guilty_Spark705d ago

They'd be really impressed if they went third party.

Derceto705d ago

If the Nintendo president was competent, he wouldn't need to rely on mobile "gaming" (and I use that word incredibly loosely) to keep the money coming in.

Tapping pictures and waiting for hours, apparently equates to gaming these days. To some anyways.

Featuring_Dante705d ago

inb4 the casuals jump onto something else and these companies are left twiddling their thumbs.

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