Is it worth heading back to Liberty City and GTA IV via Xbox One Backwards Compatibility?

Carlos writes "Since Phil Spencer got up on stage back at E3 2015 with the announcement of backwards compatibility, I’ve often found myself looking up at my shelf of mostly unfinished Xbox 360 games, wondering just when the ones I wanted to come to Xbox One would actually arrive. Sure, there’s been tons of games added since the introduction of backwards compatibility, and with over 300 titles now available, you can only applaud the effort put in by the team over at Xbox, especially as some of those titles now include some of the best games of last generation, but there’s still a big portion of our favourite titles that are yet to arrive.
As of now, however, some of those cries for another top title were answered with the arrival of Grand Theft Auto IV and its accompanying DLC, Episodes from Liberty City. But whilst it’s nice to see another top title make its way to Xbox One via backwards compatibility, is it really worth returning to Liberty City for another jaunt in the criminal underworld?"

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SaveFerris711d ago

Now Xbox One owners can relive the experience of Roman calling Niko to ask him if he wants to go bowling.

Kingthrash360711d ago

Yes, it is. It's a very good gta game.
There isn't much coming for the xbox one so really if you want to continue to play 360 games then this will be a premium nestolgia trip. Phantom dust will come before E3 and while it's a og xbox game it's pretty good as well. For a new generation system they sure are relying on past generation gems alot. It's good, yet sad. Should have just kept a 360 at this point. But as long as xbox gamers enjoy it then MS is really catering to what xbox gamers want.

Septic710d ago

"But as long as xbox gamers enjoy it then MS is really catering to what xbox gamers want."

Yup we don't need your pointless diatribe to tell us that.

DeadlyOreo710d ago

Oh no, not Septic to the defense. You got your Microsoft Cape on?

Septic710d ago

Here comes my biggest fan! How you doing my gloomy chum? Do you like gta? You interested in sampling BC on Xbox?

Sparta07710d ago

" Do you like gta? You interested in sampling BC on Xbox? "

Ewww.... no way. We rather play new games. What is this??? 2009?

Kingthrash360710d ago

"Diatribe" lol I must have touched a neve huh septic. Lol I've given up on trying to convince you guys that we deserve more from MS...I guess most xbox gamers want old games over new awsome games. Hell even the scorpio looks to simply be a 4k BC machine. Playing gta4 in 4k is really gunna be a blast isn't it....smh....*back to playing a native 4k AAA new ip SMASH HIT nioh*

709d ago
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Major_Glitch710d ago

Who wants new, different, and exciting games, when you can just play last gen's classics...over and over again?

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TheCommentator710d ago

Yeah, who would want to play the best games of last generation they missed out on without having to buy an old console to do it? What a horrible service to get for free. Funny how popular opinion here is that BC doesn't matter, but GTA4 went from the mid 6000's to 80 something on the charts at Amazon which is a measley 8000% increase. Because nobody cares about BC, lol. Obviously, it's just the people who can't use BC who are butt hurt by the fact that they have no good options to play older games on their console.

Major_Glitch709d ago

Lol. You know your console of choice is SUFFERING when a last gen game is a big deal, as proven by your post. BC is a NECESSARY feature for Xbox owners seeing as how you have no new exciting games coming out. Have fun taking Roman out for bowling....again.

TheCommentator709d ago

Major Glitch,

The new games coming to Xbox are exciting, there just aren't as many of them. It's your opinion.
Yeah, sure, MS' best selling console is "Suffering"... lol. PS4 sales were down in January, XB1 sales were up YoY in contrast.
BC is an IMPOSSIBLE feature for XB1 AND PS4 according to all tech websites but only one of these systems is capable of doing impossible things.
Speaking of IMPOSSIBLE features how's Horizon looking on the OG PS4 with HDR enabled? Oh, that's right Guerrilla says HDR only works with in the 4K mode of Pro enhancement. What a great feature that is for OG PS4 owners...

C-H-E-F710d ago

i went back to vice city... shhhh i went back to liberty city on PS4 / PS2 game classics so why not.

_-EDMIX-_710d ago

It depends.

I personally hated GTA 4, GTA V is just so much better by such a large degree that I'm not sure I would ever go back to play GTA 4

If anything I would say there would be great reason to return to something like Red Dead Redemption if you own an Xbox One (even if you don't I would still recommend people go back and play that game on their previous platforms before Red Dead Redemption 2 releases)

In my opinion GTA 4 was one of the worst Rockstar Games released the last generation definitely my least favorite.

DarXyde710d ago

I thought I was the only one who really disliked GTA IV. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally in the minority since most people loved that game. Just didn't care about it at all. I did really enjoy GTA V though. I never could bring myself to finish IV.

Regardless, I think it's a great addition to the Xbox BC catalog. As I said, most people did enjoy it.

Moe-Gunz710d ago

I'm in this camp too. GTA 4 was very weak in my opinion.

Khalina710d ago

There were many things missing in GTA IV, given as it was Rockstars first forray into the HD world with GTA, but the funny thing is that it still has the best character and car physics of any open world game up to this date. There still aren't any other open world sandbox games with as good car deformation, or where I can just walk into a person and nudge them down the stairs, and watch them fall.

I guess to fit all the other content in GTA V on old consoles they had to take some stuff out.

_-EDMIX-_710d ago

I don't disagree with you I don't really think Rockstar is a bad team simply that they had so many limitations when making GTA 4 and such a short amount of time.

I'm happy they took their time with GTA V and had the install for the 360 to make their game work the way they wanted it to work in the first place

BEASELY710d ago

The immersion, driving and visceral shooting in GTA IV were top knotch for me.

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