8 Reasons That Make Resident Evil 7 a True Resident Evil Game

"I’m kinda tired of seeing people say “Resident Evil 7 isn’t a real Resident Evil game". While the game is definitely a new spin on the franchise (given the first-person perspective), it still has a lot of similarities to previous games, whether it’s traits of classic Resident Evil titles, or more recent ones. Here's eight reasons that make Resident Evil 7 a true Resident Evil game." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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LaWiiG613d ago

I will say this: The Baker family is a great concept.

The rest of the game is a hodgeppdge mess. I wonder if reviews sites were paid to give this low-pixel/texture quality game good scores. Were we playing the same game?

It's Capcom trash, nothing more than a walking tech demo that isn't even that good.

WelcomeToTheFamily613d ago

U obviously did not play the game.

rocketpanda612d ago

You didn't play the same game because you didn't play it.

Capcom moved away from the action nonsense from RE 5 and 6, gone back to survival horror and you call it trash, FFS!

gapujijowu612d ago


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CorndogBurglar612d ago

Considering that tons of fans love it too, i would say no, the reviewers were not paid and are justified in their scoring it the way they did.

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