GameShark: Tales of Vesperia Review

Looking at the whole product on paper, Tales of Vesperia really doesn't do anything new or exciting. Instead, Namco Bandai takes the components for RPG success-a serviceable story, stellar writing, combat which doesn't become a chore, anime-inspired visuals, and a fantasy setting with some roots in reality-and puts them together so well that the game just works. Is the game groundbreaking? No. Is it fun? You bet. Even after playing nothing but this game all day for the last week, GameShark still wants more. Finally, the Xbox 360 has a JRPG which it can claim as a true RPG gem, and if Tales of Vesperia doesn't get RPG gamers believing in the 360's future with the genre, nothing will.

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nice_cuppa4078d ago

me so happy !
360 = rpg heaven !