The First 14 Minutes of Grand Theft Auto 4 on Xbox One

IGN: "Grand Theft Auto 4 has recently become backwards compatible on Xbox One. So we dive into the opening moments of the game once again after almost 10 years."

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DigitalRaptor707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

LMAO @ IGN covering this like it's actually a brand new game release. They might as well have just grabbed the first 14 minutes of a playthrough from YouTube. Do they have a certain quota of coverage per platform to work towards every month or something?

LexHazard79707d ago

Lol...theyre showing you how it runs better on Xbox One. You guys always with the bs.

MRMagoo123707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

I know it's odd that this would be a thing "hey guys here's the first 14 minutes of a game everyone has already played to death almost 10 years ago get excited woo"


shouldn't we just assume it will run the same or slightly better I mean this game came out almost a decade ago what's the point? it's not a remaster or remake it's just the same exact game on the exact same disc. It would be news if it somehow managed to run worse tho.

scofios707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

How Pathetic if a 2008 game is all a game site can talk about for a system in 2017 .

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masterfox707d ago

lol, the xbone is turning into a 360 but without the disc eating mechanic and the 3rrod

81BX707d ago

Yes. God forbid we can play next gen and last gen on the same machine

DigitalRaptor707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

Wouldn't be noteworthy if Microsoft weren't putting more effort into getting last-gen games running on their console than brand new exclusive ones. It was obvious weeks ago that this was their strategy to offset a lack of new games weeks ago, especially after they closed 8 first-party studios/projects last year and canceled Scalebound in the first days of this year, but now they're actually using the 360 games to distract from the bleak proposition that is the Xbox One's exclusive game lineup going forward.

707d ago
nowitzki2004707d ago

One of the guys I work with says hes been having problems and his One is barely over a year old. Thats when all my 360s had their problems, right after the first year.. They might be aiming for Full Backwards compatibility... Not just the games but the problems as well.

Sherif129707d ago

I've had my Xbox One for more than a year and it's all fine here

Doopy707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

Man sony fans are salty. I guess all the niche Japanese games don't interest you guys much at all. Can't blame you when the games sells are horrible and not aimed at western gamers

nowitzki2004707d ago

Says the guy thats salty because he cant play those great Japanese niche games... What have you been playing lately GTA4? lol

Lime123707d ago

Recore? Quantum Break? Dead Rising 4?

PlayableGamez-705d ago (Edited 705d ago )

Those 'niche' Japanese games are scoring higher on Metacritic than most Xbox exclusive this gen... Lol. Enjoy your Xbox 360.5! While us PS guys play our niche Japanese games and soon Horizon Zero Dawn in a few weeks... Lol I can't believe you think PS4 owners are jealous of GTA4. You Xbox Fanboys are gone at this point.... 🤣🤣🤣

707d ago
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