Grand Theft Auto IV On Xbox 360 Sales Up 7,696%

Backwards compatibility proves to be a hit for Xbox One with sales exploding for GTA IV on Xbox 360, an almost 9 year old game.

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PhoenixUp618d ago

B-B-But nobody cares about backwards compatibility 🤣

On a side note how low were sales on this game previously for sales to increase by over 7000%?

DiceAndRice618d ago

Not that low for an Xbox 360 game. Was still selling well and people were most likely stocking up in preparation for it before the price hike.

I've done it for a few games like the Call Of Duty games.

Overload617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

"Was still selling well"

What are you talking about? It literally says it was ranked 6,393 under best sellers previously.

That should give some context to the 7500% increase.

DiceAndRice617d ago

@Overload it said 1,821 for me, that's why. Even if it's ranked in the thousands it was still selling a fair amount. Think about the thousands of PS4, Xbox One, PC, 3DS games it's competing with and it's impressive.

Overload617d ago

"it said 1,821 for me, that's why."

This is from your own article.

travestyj617d ago

No it wasn't, this article is also very misleading. The sales rank on amazon increased that much not the sales. All this means is that it sold more than other products no one else is buying. This number doesn't mean anything.

617d ago
GtR35olution617d ago

I know some people dont understand simple math but giving percentage like this means the sales are very low when you cant give actual sales numbers. Its like talking about the amount of bullets fired in halo instead of giving the sales number of the game

NoPeace_Walker617d ago

Gta4 on X360 is currently #95 (regular edition) and #105 ( complete edition) on the Amazon VG best seller list.

It is above new releases like Gravity Rush 2 and Yakuza 0 so I think it is doing great.

mikeslemonade617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

lol that's easy when your previous sales was like 1. If you sold 2 the next week that's 100% increase. 7696 sold, lol that's basically nothing.

BC doesn't matter!

Like i said before, if the best selling point is BC your system is irrelevant.

JasonKCK617d ago

"BC doesn't matter!"

Says every Sony fanboy on every BC related news,

mikeslemonade616d ago

BC is like this.. They annouce a list and it goes live. You buy it but never really play it that much again. So what's the point. BC is pointless.

Utalkin2me616d ago


ROFLMAO, kid is arguing about stuff he posted in his own article. Your article that you written says "6,393", then you come here to argue it says 1,821. This is how bad people are really getting. Be another little kid and site to block and ignore.

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Apocalypse Shadow618d ago (Edited 618d ago )

No one disputes BC as not being a great feature to have if it's there. And it's good that Xbox one players can play GTA4 now. (??) PlayStation fans enjoyed that for a long time. But it's not a requirement. It's not part of the TOS. Every other system up until PlayStation DIDN'T have it.

The only time I had BC was when I bought The Master System Converter for my Genesis. But there were so many Genesis games released that I had a hard time going back and plugging it in to play games like Phantasy Star and Zillion 2: the Tri-formation. Only when nostalgia kicked in did I go back. Like the release of PS2,PS3 and PS4 RPGs.

But let's examine this thoroughly...

Xbox 360 didn't have full BC of OG Xbox games and support of it was dropped in 2007. If you were a gamer that had a game that WASN'T *popular*, your only course of action was to maybe...I don't know... *HAVE* an OG Xbox to play OG Xbox games?¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Xbox one had *NO BC* up until the public release of the software update in November of 2015.2 years later..... Again, *2 years later.* What were Xbox one gamers playing until the software update? I don't know... Xbox one games and Indies?¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you're sitting on an Xbox 360 disc of GTA4, why wait for an update to play it on Xbox one? Couldn't you already play it on the system it was made for? Which is Xbox 360?¯\_(ツ)_/¯

"I know, I'll sit on all these Xbox 360 discs in the off chance it might be added to the Xbox one BC program." Not like I could just hook up an Xbox 360 to play them.""Wait. ""You say you kept your games but sold the system to pay for a new system hoping it might play an old system that didn't happen until 2 years later that still is not 100% fully compatible with all 360 games?"¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ;. You say it's convenient? Like having both systems hooked up and having an HDMI switch and pushing a button on the remote?¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Almost 60 million PS4's have been sold. No BC.I wonder what games the owners are playing?
There are currently ***one thousand three hundred and twenty*** games on PS4. Again....

1,320.... That's a 1 in front of the 3 which is in front of the 2 and the 0. And more are coming. So many in fact that it's almost a ridiculous amount in 3 years. If you're happy you can play GTA4 now that you have a system to play it on, then great.

But, have you played it already? Could you have found a way to play it already?¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Concertoine617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

Wow, you wrote an entire book to say what? If you keep your console you dont need BC?

I sold my 360 when i saw how many BC games were available. More space under my tv. Less controllers lying around, no giant 360 brick and assorted cables. Dont have to get used to the old 360 controller every time i play.

Its a nice feature that a lot of ppl clearly partake in. Nothing more, nothing less.

obidanshinobi617d ago

That's an awful lot of words to say nothing.

LexHazard79617d ago

Dude you come across as super butthurt.. I have no respect for you guys anymore. You don't come across as true gamer but a hater.

But this is my fault as I gotta learn to ignore you guys comments and keep it moving. I'm sure even if I did that you'll find a way to drag back in..

ItMatters617d ago

You devote way too much time to downplaying Xbox any chance you get.

Dragonscale617d ago

Its a consequence of having a poor 1st party line up.

Condemnedman617d ago

I have lots of 360 games in my collection I didn't get round to playing - finishing and I added it to my one last night. it's a brilliant feature and no amount of people down playing it is going to change that.

DawginTow1617d ago

@Concertoine, I'm still holding onto my 360 cuz it can also play a bit more than 1/2 of my og xbox games; too much nostalgia/sentiment to let go of just yet, if ever :)

Ravenor617d ago

You soundike a really fun guy...Jesus.

It's backwards compatible, it's a nice feature to have and I always get a kick out of seeing one more game tile show up because another random XBLA title got added. Disparaging this while praising it on the PS3, you're a treat.

Automatic79617d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow

Instead of looking for faults it's time you give credit where credit is due, Xbox is firing on all cylinders right now it has become the best place to play games period. Gamers have options on Xbox that are just not offered anywhere else, the mentality you have shows that you are backwards. Why rant about plugging in a different system or about playing a great game, on an older system when you have it all in one place. Try to have a more open mind about the things you say. Right now the combination of Playing great triple AAA exclusive titles, third party triple AAA, Backward compatible Triple AAA, Xbox live arcade games, [email protected] games, Game Preview, Free Online Games, EA Access etc is all available on Xbox One to enjoy. Anyone who says that Xbox has no games is in denial and is just doing what you doing looking for faults instead of appreciating great games.

Note if you are gamer like me with career and family you will always have a backlog and this is a prime example of why having a system that offers all is important.

Kiwi66617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

"Almost 60 million PS4's have been sold . No BC. I wonder what games the owners are playing ?." then what do you call being able to play PS1, PS2 & PS3 games on the PS4 to go alongside the new releases isn't that similar to how xb1 gamers can play xb360 games along with new games ?

tyasia0617d ago


Ok i'll give you backward compatibility is nice. But lets lets be honest after 3 years only a fraction of games are available. It's still preferable to own a last gen console.

And playing last gen games is not a problem. I have my PS3 sitting right next to my PS4. If I want to play a last gen game I just put the disk in.

And as far as current gen consoles goes I'd rather have new games than backward compatibility for a console I already own and games I have already played.

Kribwalker617d ago

There is also over 1000 Xbox one games out right now as well as hundreds of games available through backwards compatibility that Sony charges you through PlayStation now to play if you don't own a PS3 anymore or if you were a 360 to PS4 customer

Deadpooled617d ago


I agree that Apocalypse Shadow's essay is basically saying nothing, but...

'Xbox is firing on all cylinders right now it has become the best place to play games period...'

Come on, wake up. Is that an attempt to obtain a nomination for 'Most Deluded Comment on N4G - February 2017'?

xDealtwithIt617d ago

Shadow is the king of actually making no points. He should just say MS is killing puppies and just move on. Because at this point it's all desperate attempts to downplay Xbox. Who would ever listen to a guy with 39 disagrees.

freshslicepizza617d ago

this is what happens when people take brand loyalty to a whole new level. ironically it was sony who used backwards compatability as a huge marketing tactic and people loved it, but now that they have gotten away from it you see so many trying to downplay the feature. people loved buying into bluray while transitioning from dvd, that's why bluray players supported dvd. so why dont we hear so many tell people to keep your dvd player and use your bluray player just for blurays like others say about xbox 360 systems?

jasonpugh617d ago

Blah blah blah. Such a long read for nothing.

YoungKingDoran616d ago

4/10, too much: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - IGN & me

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LexHazard79617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

How low were sales? Its GTA, and it did great on xbox 360. Maybe some either sold or traded their copies when they went over to Xbox One. Now that they can play it, its logical the sales would boom. Im gonna buy it digital just so that its there waiting when I get the Scorpio.

@Dice&Rice, I agree.

PS: GTA IV sold almost 4.3 million copies on Xbox 360. Not to shabby...

Cmv38617d ago

I think gta, regardless of platform, sells very well. And any major updates will usually bolster sales. If a remastered version is released on ps4, it will sell well. Its the Catalina wine....its gta!

Sparta07617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

😂 omg!!! The game probably sold a few hundreds copies ( maybe) and you screaming from the top of the hills like it's selling millions!!!🤣

BC is not going to sell consoles. New games will ( EXCLUSIVES)

😂 I will never understand how you guys protect a console with no games except BC and multiplayer. Any Microsoft exclusives you can play on PC.
But hey if that makes you happy 🤗

617d ago
Kribwalker617d ago

Since when are 20-30 million people irrelevant?
How is the Scorpio admitting defeat? How is the Pro the natural evolution of the PS4, but the Scorpio is defeat?
Stating that the PS3 sold more then the 360 is not a fact. They were almost the exact same in sales numbers but MS announcing milestones before Sony was, culminating with Sony using a combined number of PS4, PS3 and Vita to hide their true sales of the two consoles not selling as well (Vita and PS3 behind at 80 million then behind MS at 84 million, the last known numbers given by either company)

You are delusional man

_-EDMIX-_617d ago

@Kirb- correct.

I'm pretty sure backwards compatibility is very much relevant to the owners of Xbox One.

Also that EDMIX that you're replying to is an imposter lol

Look at the join date 😂

I simply believe that Gamers purchase Xbox one and PlayStation 4 primarily to play Xbox one and PlayStation 4 games.

Of course backwards compatibility is an amazing option to those who are able to use it.

Simply I do not believe that it is over all determining factor of people purchasing new platforms.

I overall agree with you with the purpose behind both Pro and Scorpio

EDMIX doppelganger clearly doesn't 😂

Kribwalker616d ago


Well your doppelgänger is a moron lol
I didn't click on their user name to check history lol

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andrewsquall617d ago

B-B-But 76 people bought the game this week compared to practically 0 last week (going by where it was in the sales chart last week anyway). Out of 25 million Xboners and 70 million 360 gamers, yeah not that large a number is it?

jrshankill617d ago

B-B-But no one will buy backwards compatible games.

BlackTar187617d ago

no one has ever said that, and actually time has proven that to be wrong over a year ago. These articles show up 1x every 30-60 days about a game added to BC RDR,COD,GTA a etc etc.

You should have said But BUT no one will buy xbox one to play 360 games at least with this statement neither side could really prove each other wrong so it's like a free talking point WOOOOT

bluefox755617d ago

No one said that. It's just not a feature that's in huge demand, especially not for a console that has actual new games to play.

jaymacx617d ago

its a nice feature for sure. It's one of the main reasons I upgraded from 360 (next gen games, BC, and Xbox Exclusives).

butchertroll617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

But, but ,but what were the previous sales numbers on X360 before BC release,.hm?

2, 3, 4, 10 copies???

NoPeace_Walker617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

Well, as of this post, the regular GTA4 X360 version and the Complete GTA4 edition on X360 are #95 and #105 on the Videogames best seller list on Amazon

and is ahead of new AAA releases like Gravity Rush 2, The Last Guardian, and Yakuza 0. Unless those above mentioned titles are not selling, I think the X360 version of GTAV did great.

butchertroll617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

LOL! You comparing GTA IV with niche games in US. It's obvious. Wonder why you mentioned those 3 games. Tried to prove something, hm?

Kribwalker617d ago

Well the point I can see him making with that is if it only did sell 2,3,4 10 copies then sprung up to number 94 with increase, how many copies of your vaunted exclusives gravity rush 2, yakuza and the last guardians have been selling? 150? 230? 307? 769?

starchild617d ago

@ butchertroll

All three of those games have scored well and are being hyped as reasons to own a PS4. I myself bought The Last Guardian and plan to buy Yakuza 0.

So yeah, GTA4 selling better than those games means it's selling pretty damn well.

Quit trying to downplay backwards compatibility. A lot of us are really hoping to see backwards compatibility in the PS5. It seems like some of you are trying really hard to convince Sony that nobody cares about backwards compatibility. You're working against your own best interests. I mean, I know some of you will do anything to try to downplay the Xbox One, but sheesh, why not start being gamers first and foremost?

butchertroll617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

LOL! GTA IV is selling better than those games at 84th place. Yes, probably a 2 million copies. Jeez! You, Xboners, really know some math


I'm not downplaying backward compatibility. Where i said that? You, Xboners, tried to spin GTA IV numbers like it has sold millions after BC release. That's why i asked, what were the numbers before BC release, 1, 2, 3, copies sold. You should go back to reality!


Quote : Sony fanboys - "Variety ALWAYS sells on PS4!"

*Variety games flops*


That's why Xbone is a FLOP! No variety!

butchertroll617d ago


Quote : Sony Fanboys - "OMG, those games were niche, they were never expected to sell!!"

Yakuza, The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2 has a very narrow fanbase. I'm so glad that those types of games exits.

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JohnM2000617d ago

Lets see how it is in two weeks 😬😬

YAO-BLING617d ago

No one does.. it's just that you xbox kids don't have anything else to play, DUH.

life28617d ago

if game sells 3 copies in a month, increase of 7000% means 210 copies sold. This is just good news title :)

RedPill86617d ago

If one person is picking this game up every week or so, news of backwards compatibility might get roughly 7000 more people to buy. But for a game that's likely still 10$ new in stores. 20$ for GOTY editions. And a likely 40$ for digital on XBL? Not a bad chunk of change.

Frinker617d ago

So true. BC is a MASSIVE feature and Sony are missing out bu not having it


That's what happens when u don't have new games is embarrassing that a game from 2007 is selling better than any x1 game


Thats what hapens when you have no new games to play on your have to repla...ejem, re-buy old games.

Major_Glitch616d ago

Xbox owners NEED BC. It's not like they have anything else to play. Me? I kinda bought a next gen console so I could play next gen games.

King_Lothric616d ago

When there is a lack of games and exclusives, there is no other choice but to play old games again. Pretty sad.

PloxD00d616d ago

xbone owners have nothing to play that's why they buy last gen games meanwhile PS4 owners are busy with Kingdom hearts 2.8, Gravity Rush 2, yakuza 0 and Nioh so far in 2017.

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Moonman618d ago

Grand Theft Auto is a sales beast. Every game.

Marcello617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

Rockstar are just raking it in, it drives other devs crazy especially Ubisoft & EA hahaha

Rockstar know how to put heart & soul into there games thats why there so successful :)

617d ago
obidanshinobi617d ago


What kinda asshole would down vote what is obviously a joke ?

Rimeskeem617d ago

Backwards compatibility is great. But you also need new IPs and exclusives taking advantage of hardware.

617d ago Replies(2)
obidanshinobi617d ago

They're coming ...... :D
Not as quick as PS4 exclusives mind, but it's not like they're won't be any console exclusives this year on the XB1.

LexHazard79617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

I said on the tweet, guys better buy before the price goes up. After another follower said it was $8 at Wal Mart. This has been a trend when popular games hit bc. Sales skyrocket...even if for a short time.

BlackTar187617d ago

when has the game ever gone up in price from BC? That really isn't likely from a major retailer for short lived sales booms.

TheUndertaker85617d ago

Call of Duty World at War and Black Ops both increased in price after going backwards compatible. Not to mention Gamestop namely does it all the time.

Even supply and demand plays a role. The game is nearly nine years old. Most individuals who wanted a copy already purchased decreasing shipped numbers along with inventory. Now the title is playable on Xbox One effectively adding a new demand that wasn't there before.

BlackTar187617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

The game is a platinum hit and can be had for 8-19.99 everywhere. It' snot going up in price.

TheUndertaker85617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

$8 to $19.99... 9 year old game.

So you say there's fluctuation since it's "$8 to 19.99" meaning outlets are choosing their price based on demand?

Kinda think that's what I just said yet oddly you're stating it as an opinion then deeming it fact.

You asked when. Just provided an answer. I could buy a gallon of gas twenty years ago for around $1/gallon. It's not anymore.

Same product. Demand changed. Prices changed. It's the way of the world. Economics don't go out the window because you know. Gaming.