GamersMark - Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free Review

GM writes: "Homestar Runner cartoons, much like "The Simpsons," usually don't have any story carry over from episode to episode. This is the case with Strong Badia the Free, though it isn't necessarily a bad thing. People who passed over the first episode can pick this up and enjoy it as a standalone product, and even catch up on the first installment at a later date. This lack of continuity, however, also means that Telltale Games has freedom to change the pacing structure of the game from episode to episode, and they took the opportunity to do so here. Homestar Ruiner was much more wide open, giving you huge expanses of map to explore almost at once and next to no direction on how to accomplish goals. Conversely, Strongbadia the Free opens up areas only a few at a time, and doesn't open more until certain tasks are completed. In some ways this focus helped keep the puzzles from piling onto each other and becoming a big, confusing mess, but the game felt a lot easier for it, which don't think works to its benefit."

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