CAPCOM Working on 3 New Titles - Leaked Concept Art and Info

GBA Temp: "Today, a friend of the site has informed us that Capcom are working on 3 new titles."

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Overload708d ago

Broken Horizon looks and sounds like a sequel to Lost Planet.

Godmars290708d ago

Yeah, had my interest until the four player coop.

bouzebbal708d ago (Edited 708d ago )

i am only interested in 3 of their games:

Resident Evil 2 remake
MvC infinite
Deep Down

the action shit isn't my cup of tea, especially with Capcom in the making

Godmars290708d ago

When was the last time Capcom talked about Deep Down?

curtis92707d ago

@MeteorPanda maybe. A port. A year or two later? Still WAY too early to invest in a new IP for an unproven system.

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TXIDarkAvenger708d ago

That would be cool. Lost Planet 2 had some great co-op.

ZaWarudo708d ago

Lost Planet 2 was such a fun game. Very underrated.

tyasia0707d ago

Yea, to this day it still blows my mind that Lost Planet 2 was said to be a "bad" game. It was one of the best co-op shooters I ever played. Loved that game, so much variety in the weapons and stages. I might have to load it up to see if anyone still plays it, it's been a while but I'd love to give it a run through again.

Godmars290707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

And yet, here I am, waiting for another mech vs monsters since R.A.D..

How about a new War of the Monsters?

Segata707d ago

And yet the best Lost Planet game is EX Troopers/ SUPER import friendly spinoff on PS3. Tho I did love LP2.

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708d ago
Darkfist_Flames708d ago

If its like Lost Planet 2 then count me in.

20live708d ago

That was a decent series , lets hope that it is indeed the sequel.

XanderZane708d ago

Hhhmmm.. maybe. My question is where did Capcom all of a sudden get all this money to develop 3 games simultaneously? Weren't they just broke a couple years ago and needed Sony to help them make SFV? Why not finished Deep Down or actually give us the sequel everyone wants, which is Dragon Dogma 2? I honestly can't wait to see what they show us at this years E3. I wonder what platforms these games will be on.

SirBradders707d ago

Dudw there rich, they released deep down in another dimension and make bucks.

-Foxtrot707d ago

Yet Deep Down...not in sight

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Godmars290708d ago

No idea yet what's going to be on what. While Broken Horizon is likely console/PC, the other two could end up as iOS.

AdonisIsBeast708d ago

Looks like that cancelled PS3 game Fifth Phantom Saga

Maxor708d ago

There's not a single RE rehash game on this list. Frankly I'm at a lost for words. Is this still Capcom?

Chevalier708d ago

Would live to see a new Dino Crisis and Onimusha. Then after those 2 a new Dark Stalkers, Rival Schools and Powerstone. With some new stuff in between.

_-EDMIX-_708d ago

Buddy I just wish we got onimusha collection lol

_-EDMIX-_708d ago

Well they've already announced the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Who knows if we'll see Revelations 3.

Chevalier708d ago

I guess I can fire up my PS3 and play my Onimusha PS2 games..... can't believe we went a whole generation with no new Onimusha.

_-EDMIX-_708d ago

I still have my older PlayStation 2 and all the games and last year I randomly played to the first two games lol

I'm not only in shock that they haven't brought back onimusha last generation I'm actually in shock that they didn't even release a collection either.

What strange is onimusha did it really sell that well in the ballpark of a million to 2 million units but the same kind of goes for Devil May Cry and we continue to get releases maybe they couldn't afford to do both.

But at the very least a collection of all the games couldn't seriously hurt them.

GravelerMagnitude9708d ago

Did they ever mention what became of Deep DOwn?

SolidGear3708d ago (Edited 708d ago )

Still in limbo as far as I know. Last I heard was forever ago that they were completely revamping it and making it a full retail game.

Kaneki-Ken708d ago

Remember Deep Down is not the final name so perhaps the Knights game is deep down and original plan was scratch.

Thatguy-310708d ago (Edited 708d ago )

I hope not. The description talks about guns >°<

Kyosuke_Sanada708d ago

Knights of Aegis gives off a Never Dead vibe which is a great thing in my book.

ShellB708d ago

IMO that game was below average. The only positive thing I can think of was the butterfly sword. What did you like about it? if you don't mind me asking.

Kyosuke_Sanada708d ago

It was mainly the setting and the story behind it. I like having to fiddle with magical creatures in a modern day setting similar to book series "The Dresden Files" and Id be lying if I wanted Knights of Aegis to have the same attention to gameplay. I should have been more through in my previous comment but I hope this helps.

Kallisti708d ago

My PS3 manual for Neverdead says to connect to Xbox Live to play multiplayer, lol. All the other instructions are for Ps3 so I don't know how they fucked that part up

ZaWarudo708d ago

It reminds me of Phantom Dust.

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