Xbox spending 'tens of millions' on Xmas

MCV: No stock shortages this Christmas either, says UK boss Neil Thompson.

Senior regional director of Microsoft UK Neil Thompson has told MCV that the move on price is the opening gambit in a peak season which will see "tens of millions" spent on marketing the Xbox brand.

Microsoft undercut market leader Wii in the battle for the gaming pound this week –cutting the price of its most popular 'standard' console for the third time in its history.

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HighDefinition4079d ago

For some reason that reminded me of the GTAIV DLC.

Immaculate4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

I'm sure that the GTAIV dlc will be part of it. They need to get the word out in a big way about what a great game machine the 360 is. I have no doubt, unless the competition reacts, the 360 is going to do very good this year. I already have 3 girlfriends that have 360's hidden away for Christmas.

Drekken4079d ago

Immaculate, they should be hidden... its embarrassing. lol

Overheating, last gen medium using, harddriveless pos is a great gaming system - LOL. You have lost all credibility with me!

Of course it will do good because its dirt cheap and delusional people keep saying its a good machine.

Immaculate4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Worrying about crediability with you isn't, and never will be of any concern to me.

I personally don't think your pitifully impotent comments belong in this zone.

NowGen4079d ago

for all those supposed faults, why does it still have kickass games? i think that most people who hate on other consoles most likely dont own said consoles and just spew crap like that for no good reason.

beans4079d ago

Is all that even necessary and why? I mean we know you don't like 360 but to attack someone just because he likes something different is silly and childish. You sound like nothing more then an arrogant a hole with nothing better to do then try and kill the excitement of others.

4079d ago
Fox014079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Can't you see the guy is pissed? He just bought a PS3 and has nothing to play. His console never overheats, in fact it never heats, since it's never on.

Rog Vader4079d ago

What's it like to have a chic refer to you as impotent?

4079d ago
jessupj4079d ago

You all seem to be just as bad as each other. Calling each other names, you should be ashamed. You're no better then drekken.

And the old 'ps3 has no games' is not true any more and it's getting old.

Gam714078d ago

just like repeating rrod is old news but that keeps getting brought up.

Your worse than those you're complaining about as you act like you're better.

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wray774079d ago

Let's hope for a crazy competitive christmas so the real winner this christmas won't be a corporation but gamers.

TheColbertinator4079d ago

I agree.Gamers FTW

Gears 2,Fable 2,Resistance 2,LBP,Call of Duty 5 and several others will make this a good year for all.

ceedubya94079d ago

That list you got there is gaming heaven my man.

Throw in Fallout 3 and I'm broke. My main problem this holiday season will be deciding which console to get the multiplatform games on.

NowGen4079d ago

for me, it will be multiplats for the 360. not because of any bias. but mostly because all my friends play their games on live. and plus i put so much work into my gamer score. but i got my ps3 for the original titles that only sony can provide anyway. so its win win for me. enjoy this crazy gaming holiday season everyone. try not to go broke.

Fox014079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

you must be very rich Steven; coz it'll cost you more than €300 to buy all those games. As for me, I ain't spending more than €60 euros on games this year and that money's going to Lionhead studio's pocket.

EDIT, I guess i'll be spending €80 since it's the collectors edition i'm looking foward to buy next month.

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TheColbertinator4079d ago

Tens of millions? Thats not that much.Microsoft has a bigger war chest than that

Blu Ray34079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Microsoft this xmas.

At least Bill Gates donates millions of dollars to charity,
and RROD.

(BTW,my launch 360 runs flawlessly,but I know a few individuals
whose 360s didn't share the same fate).

theKiller4079d ago

and how much did he steal from the world for using his windows??

Pain4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

hate to burst your bill gate hard on but if ANYONE makes more then 1 mill u kinda have NO choice but to donate some money for charity or the lol in america the I.R.S nails you Retarded.

and if you made that much youd have to make a Charity. thats why his wife dose the Charity he rights the checks.

oh and LBP is going to make all that M$ royalty money they using to buy Fan luv be a waste.

xaviertooth4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

M$ need to spend "hundreds of millions" this holiday to stay in the race, otherwise the ps3 will slay them on xmas! nuff said!

Gam714079d ago

it's enough said.

This isn't the 80's (though i wish it was)
Hundreds of millions to stay in the race.

I hope your still here after christmas because i think you be backtracking due to you wrong comment.

If you believe all 3 wont do well and only your beloved sony will survive then you're even more deluded than your comment makes you sound.

xaviertooth4079d ago

sure tard, i'll be like staying here after xmas and i won't backtrack then. you will see the numbers and you will understand how correct i am and how wrong you are then .

what titles 360 have after gears 2 that is worth getting? zero. multi-plat? no chance. so m$ doesn't have anything to feed their tard users while we ps3 users will gonna be busy all holiday long. on exactly xmas season, Level 5 and Namco says Merry Xmas PS3 users!!! my claim stays -- "M$ will have to spend hundreds of millions to market it to stay in the race". Hell even after xmas, what chance your 360 have with PS3? Killzone 2, GOW3, Heavy Rain, MAG, GT5, FF13 and v13, Team ICO title, and more secret megaton titles. what do you have? don't even start with Alan Wake. HAHAHAHA!!

i reaaly don't understand you xbot tards, why don't you give-up on a hopeless battle? you have your shine in 2006, everything has changed. this is Sony's turf. M$ should just go back to making crap Windows and face Apple where it is also eating away your market.

i bet you are jealous that LBP will arrive in october slaying your poor little fable2, oohhhhh how sad!

Gam714079d ago

ok we'll meet here January 1st.

Can we make it 2nd as i'm not 12 and will be celebrating new years

xaviertooth4079d ago

sure dad! enjoy your new year then. 010209 then.

Gam714078d ago

don't you mean 02/01/09

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