Blend Games: Far Cry 2 Vs. Call Of Duty: World At War: Round 1

Far Cry 2 Vs. Call Of Duty: World At War: Round 1 Blend Games is at it again, this time we're bringing you the game-versus-game action on a Friday. For the next three weeks we'll cover the likes of three distinct topics for both games, in our typical three-round bout. Some gamers may not see the point in these bouts. But remember, there's a lot of other gamers out there who may not be informed to certain details on either game. Plus, this gives gamers the opportunity to give feedback and vote for the game they would rather play.

I understand a lot of people are doing "game x versus game y" all over the net. But it's a weekly venture here at Blend Games, and we've now conveniently setup these bouts for your viewing pleasure every Friday. But to make sure things are more user-friendly, we also have a user request on the Blend Games Forum, so for future battles we'll specifically have the games you want to see going head-to-head. But let's go on to the fun stuff.

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Rick Astley4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Call of Duty: World at War looks like trash but Far Cry 2- for a game that tries to be extremely realistic- isn't realistic at all, as you're able to carry so many different weapons at once.

cyguration4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

It was kind of stupid that they let you carry so many guns at once. Then again, the weapons do wear down and break.

It would have been nice if they had a weight restriction on the amount of guns the player could carry.

Fishy Fingers4073d ago

FC2 isn't Halo or Resistance where weapons are festooned all over, usually in conveniently located positions just where you'll need them. Blow up bridge... oh look an RPG on the floor... It's a sandbox environment, it would be like allowing you to only carry 2 weapons in GTA. Your not often going to come across them or be able to afford them so forcing you to choose and abandon one weapon to pick up another would spoil it (imo).

Fishy Fingers4073d ago

I'm more interested in FC2 but if CoD5 gets good marks and some friends pick it up I may be tempted, the co-op looks fun.

bada1bing4073d ago

what a machete, a primary weapon, a secondary and special is too much ?

Radiodread4073d ago

two awesome games you're trashing which, I've personally seen in action and they look damn awesome. Co-op in a Call of Duty game, nerw perks. Far Cry 2 wide open landscape and I mean HUGE. Along with the fire physics and change of time AND weather. No sir, you're gonna be missing out BIG time if that's what you think.

DFresh4073d ago

Far Cry 2 hands down!

F*** COD5!!!!!!
Why did they go back to WWII?

I can't wait to play Far Cry 2 on my PS3 I've already bought/pre-ordered it.

cyguration4073d ago

They're at least covering something new in a very worn out era.

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