A Casual Rant

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"During the wee hours of the morning, a friend and I were discussing our impressions of Street Fighter IV.

We agreed it was a sequel to Street Fighter II and not the Street Fighter III: Third Strike follow-up that we both so desperately had hoped for - which left us slightly dazed and confused.

The final iteration of Street Fighter III was a well balanced fighter that awarded the players that took the time to learn its intricacies. It was a clear progression and shining example of the genre - so why go backwards, there was still room for improvement? "Capcom are crazy!" we proclaimed.

After calming down, we decided it must be that our beloved series is becoming more accessible and a more (dare I say it) casual affair. This prompted a sharp turn in our conversation toward the realms of video game culture and its current direction.

One thing we firmly agreed on was our distaste towards the current trend of casual gaming sweeping the systems. At present it feels as though the market is being saturated with casual games that do little for the industry other than revenue raising. And if it continues to sell, they'll continue to produce it. Which places casual gaming in the same category I have for movie tie-ins: not interested."

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