Could Netflix’s Castlevania TV Series Lead To A Connected Video Game Universe?

Could Netflix's Castlevania series lead to a whole slew of shows based on video games? Has there ever been a good series based on a video game?

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669d ago
-Foxtrot669d ago

I wouldn't want something connected but at least if it does well have more, well thought out video game shows

Assassins Creed, Alan Wake, Bioshock, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil

Each series would basically be one solid game adaptation if done right. Take Resident Evil for example

Season 1 - Mansion (STARS)
Season 2 - Raccoon City (Leon & Claire)
Season 3 - Raccoon City (Jill & Carlos)
Season 4 - Rural village in Spain (Leon)
Season 5 - Rockfort Island (Chris and Claire)
Season 6 - Mansion (Rebecca & Billy)

You get the drift.

NukaCola669d ago

Well this is a best way to do things. I wish Suicide Squad was a 10 part with each one telling about a character and then ending with a film or tie it all together episode. Netflix is where it is at with how to do shows from a fan perspective. Shame Nintendo dropped the Zelda show.

BSD289669d ago

With any luck this will lead to new game.. It's been too long

Cobra951669d ago

Maybe to a connected slew of pachinko machines.

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