New trailer released for open-world JRPG, Edge Of Eternity

Midgar Studio has released a new trailer for its upcoming JRPG, Edge of Eternity. Edge of Eternity promises to offer a unique experience, combining classic renewed features with innovative gameplay mechanics, set a part-heroic fantasy part-space opera atmosphere along with a rich and mature narration.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1524d ago

The animation is still iffy but I'm still generally excited to give it a try.

1524d ago
DarXyde1524d ago

Looks promising. JRPGS have become a bit of a rarity in the traditional sense, so I'm happy to see this.

Takwin1524d ago

Early bird backer on Kickstarter. Development looks great! It looks better than FF XV, which I enjoyed.

cash_longfellow1524d ago

It definitely doesn't look better than FFXV.

1524d ago
SoulMikeY1524d ago

Looks better than XV? lol, not with that outdated battle system.

indysurfn1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

One....Your using a battle system to compare graphics?
Two....Action RPG's came before TURN based JRPGs. Squares first two JRPGs where Dragon slayer and
dragon slayer 2(ACTION RPG'S)....THEN came FINAL FANTASY 1 (TURN BASED). So point being even by your comparison FFXV has the out dated battle system. ACTION RPG's ARE OLDER Here is my proof where is yours? squares first rpg was a action rpg in 1984 named: Dragon Slayer

squares second rpg series was a action rpg in 10/2/1987 named:Kalin no Tsurugi

Final Fantasy the turned based games did not
start until December, 18 1987

Steveoreno11524d ago

It's sad when a kick starter game looks more like Final Fatasy then Final Fantasy.

Featuring_Dante1524d ago

this looks nothing like FF. what are you smoking? oh, all those fumes from that hate train.

Eldyraen1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Story trailer feels more like it would fit into FF series than XV. I loved XV but it's story was pretty sloppy compared to most.

1523d ago
Featuring_Dante1524d ago

why is the title so similar to End of Eternity/Resonance of Fate

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The story is too old to be commented.