Worthplaying: Heavy Duty - 4 New Screens

With the spread of mankind throughout the galaxy new colonies had to be found in the vast reaches of space. Colonists and scientists made the first landings, tasked with setting up settlements for others to follow. These colonized planets are ruled by rival corporations entrusted by the governments of Earth to protect its citizens from harm.

Little did they think from where that danger might manifest itself...

In the game Heavy Duty, a player's goal is to manage the defense of the planet. One of the distant colonies is facing the threat of a space invasion. The player must oppose hostile aliens with a small squadron of experienced fighters, several military vehicles, and military labs used for the development of new weapons.

The game world of Heavy Duty consists of a real planet rotating around the sun. The planet is a celestial body with mountain ranges, green plains, tropical forests, polar ice, cyclones, and thunderstorms in the atmosphere. This world has a horizon along with a realistic terrain that naturally puts a limit on the zones visibility. This eliminates the need for a traditional "fog" and makes all tactical fighting complex and multifaceted.

The game world is filled with the traces of events that are actually taking place, instantly changing according to the players actions. There is a place where a struggle develops from deployed men and it turns into a realistic battlefield, and a pure hell, where the land mixes with the air and nothing but an eroded landscape littered with broken machine parts remains. These parts will remain there until the very end of the game as a reminder of what happened.

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