CliffyB talks Gears of War

360Zine has an exclusive interview with Cliff Bleskinski, lead designer on Gears of War, where he talks about how the game shaped up against the original plans, how bits of gameplay are intended to work, and what he might like to see in a sequel.

The full interview can be read for free by downloading the latest issue of the free 360Zine.

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Axl Elite5225d ago

Can't wait for a Gears 2!

nice_cuppa5225d ago

old info, articles that reveal no new information, self starting videos,

never again.
gow 2 will rule.
but there is no info in this article about it or future gow1 plans.


Silver Bull3t5225d ago

for saving me the 10minute download. wtf? 10min for an article?!