GamesRadar: Gaming's most impractical outfits

Games and fashion have never exactly gone hand in hand. PC players wearing non-ironic t-shirts about binary code. Developers wrapping their characters in leather from head to toe and thinking it's still 'the look'. Any Nintendo tee that isn't adorned with 'know your mushrooms'. Let's face it; trying to inject fashion sense into the gaming world is a lost cause.

But while the medium has never been famed for snappy dressing, there are worse things than being unfashionable. Like fighting in your kecks. Against a giant lizard. A giant lizard who's carrying a big sword. Yep, dressing impractically for the situation is something the following characters are all guilty of. And these guys and girls don't just need a new tailor; they need a good mental professional to help them through these clothing catastrophes.

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