Jolt Review: Infinite Undiscovery

Jolt reports:

''Mistaken identity can be a tricky thing to deal with, especially when it means getting locked up for something you didn't do. And then when you eventually get rescued, it leaves you indebted to a group of rebels who thought you were someone else, too. Well, that's the conceit of the oddly named Infinite Undiscovery, in which you play travelling flautist and reluctant hero Capell, who bears an uncanny likeness to Sigmund the Liberator, saviour of the people.

Being a bit of a pacifist and borderline coward, it doesn't take long for most people to see through your visage, yet when handed a sword and faced with a small battalion of soldiers, you have no trouble cutting them down in their dozens. You even have a few daftly-named attacks at your disposal, like Spinning Waltz and Dancing Rhapsody (phrases that Capell likes to shout out every 30 seconds or so). It doesn't make a great deal of sense, but then this is a game in which the bad guys have chained the moon to the planet and within a couple of hours sees your party filled with children, fighting nasty monsters using their toys.

As an RPG, Infinite Undiscovery is heavy on the action. Using the A and B buttons you can chain together light and weak attacks, and holding one or the other down allows you to unleash a MP-comsuming special move. You can also call for heals with Y and use your flute by pressing X – shortly into the game you're gifted a magic flute, through which songs can be played for buffs, dispels and other useful effects. If you have a more tactical mind, you can also sneak up on enemies and use parries to gain an edge in combat, but for the most part you'll be relying on straightforward button bashing.''

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