Press Start: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune did not age well

It's a mystery how the Uncharted video game series got as popular as it did considering how bland the initial entry was—at least by today's standards, Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee writes.

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AcidDvl614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

This writer is saying that IF this ten year old game released today it wouldn't be that good.
Well, no sh*t Sherlock!

When this game came out, in 2007, it was groundbreaking because it was the first game to tell a successful movie-like action story with groundbreaking mocap, animations and character writing. Until then we hadn't seen anything that was even remotely close compared to it.

Of course the mechanics feel old, that's because they are, notice that this game came out right after the PS3 release, by that time games still had PS2 mechanics for the most part. And the cover system had only been refined by GOW a year prior, so looking back at it, it did an amazing job at the time.

This article is basically pointless, because it questions the success of the Uncharted franchise as a whole, but the writer claims he's only played the first one yet. It was not only until Uncharted 2 that the franchise reached it's full potential.

"Sic Parvis Magna" - Francis Drake
("Greatness from small beginnings")

Knushwood Butt614d ago

Yep, and I still love the first game, regardless.

GtR35olution614d ago

Lol, welcome to the new generation of games

morganfell614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

This scene still makes me bust up. Right mix of action and humor. And Eddie Raja is hilarious.

Eyesoftheraven614d ago

Damn. Someone give this person a mic to drop!

ONESHOTV2614d ago

Bioshock came out the same time but does uncharted 1 look any like it ?

Kribwalker614d ago

I honestly got the collection with my PS4 last year, having never played uncharted at all, I was looking forward to playing it, I'm about 40% through the first one right now, and it's a struggle. I really wanna play 4, but I gotta play my way through the series first.

Yohshida614d ago

Some older games hold up today, so yeah he has a point.

I still loved the first but without a doubt its the worst in the series.

AcidDvl613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

Uncharted 1 holds up to today. It has a 88 on metacritic, and aside from weak textures, the still features better animations than most games today.

BUT, that wasn't neither his point nor mine.
You just created a 'straw man' right there.

His point was that --->IF<--- the game was released today it wouldn't resonate with today's gamers. He's expecting a 10 year old game to feature innovations that hadn't happen at the time.

"But if “Uncharted” launched today, gamers would hardly notice. There's hardly anything special about it. Ten years ago, it might have been groundbreaking, but compared to modern games, I quickly grew bored with it."

He's arguing with today expectations. This is 100% moronic.
Imagine you criticizing an 70's PC because it can't run windows XP...

Krauser2614d ago

There are plenty of 10 year old or older games which would still be good today. MGS on ps1 still would be good today. Because it is fun to play. Good controls are a big part of the reason why games hold up over time, which Uncharted simply doesn't have. The rocket launcher was fun to use though.

AcidDvl613d ago

Uncharted controls are far more solid and aged far better than MGS 1, so much so that the latest MGS drop those mechanics, do you know why? Because they don't work anymore.

Since when does this old up to today?

constantine_man613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

Lol, Uncharted 1 was far from groundbreaking. It was an average at best game at launch. Uncharted really didn't find its footing until the second one.

AcidDvl613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

Nice b8 m8 I r8 8/8

"The overall presentation of the game received unanimous praise from critics, who recognized the game's high production values, describing them as "top-notch", "incredible" or comparing them to those found in Hollywood. When combined with the overall style of the game, this led many reviewers to compare Uncharted to summer blockbuster films. As part of the presentation, the game's story and atmosphere were also received well. The depth of the characters was praised, each having "their own tone". The voice acting was also received well, as the cast "nails its characterizations"; overall, the voice acting was described as a "big-star performance", "superb" and "stellar"."

Tell me a game before Uncharted 1 that achieved that...

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OhMyGandhi614d ago

so...This dude played this game JUST NOW? and that's when I stopped reading.

Khalina614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

C'mon. Obviously no one has played every game in existance, and many gamers will go back and try to catch up on great games of the past they have missed no matter how old they might be. I still every now and then go back and play many greats from the 90s and everything inbetween that I have missed.

You should have stopped reading when you realized this person is judging and criticising a 10 year old game by todays standards, and writing an article about it.

It's like I'd make a complaint, "it's a mystery how Ocarina of Time/MGS/FF7 got as popular as they did, given how bad graphics they have by todays standards.".

OhMyGandhi613d ago

And you said it better then I did. I don't mind people playing old games, in fact, I love when websites go out of their way to recommend titles that might of flown under the radar. But when the author takes a decidedly negative approach to a popular game, and trashes it because of it's age, seems absolutely ridiculous.

The only point where I will concede is that 3d games in general don't age as well as their 2d counterparts, but that's a far cry from what this guy was writing about.

zodiac909614d ago

WTF...This game STILL looks good even today...Author is wack like a heart attack.

gbsrnctaln614d ago

Bullshit! It was my favorite of the first 3, and it was every bit as enjoyable as a remaster.

Stogz614d ago

Really? I loved it, but better than 2?

deafdani614d ago

It's almost as if some people had different opinions or something. :P

Seriously, Uncharted 2 is widely considered the best in the series, but there are still some people that liked other game in the series more. My personal favorite is Uncharted 3. :P

Seraphim614d ago

I'm in the camp who feels the original was better than 2. That being said, obviously, 2 was still a fantastic game, as are they all.

generic-user-name614d ago


That's how I list them. 2 is like in my top 5 games of all time.

Stogz614d ago

@generic-user-name I agree completely, that's how I'd put them as well.

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KwietStorm614d ago

I think you're possibly definitely the first person I've seen who liked it more than Among Thieves.

ziggurcat614d ago

Among Thieves is, and will always be the king of that series.

sk8ofmnd614d ago

Yeah among thieves was the shit... I played that mp prolly more then ive played a mp ever! Uc2 was the game to make me go full nerd and purchase an earpiece 😂. I always laughed at ppl and then i became one lol. I think uc2 was the first game i platinum too!

Bigkdog81614d ago

I disagree 100% with this article. The original uncharted looks better than a lot of PS4 games I've played.

Aloy-Boyfriend614d ago

The life of the black tiger I suppose

Bigkdog81614d ago

Look at the characters of killzone shadow fall for one. They looked awful. Uncharted drakes fortune characters look far better.

KwietStorm614d ago

Even though what you already said about Shadow Fall is comical, what are the other games that the original Uncharted looks better than?

Bigkdog81614d ago

Resident evil revelations 2 and Bound by blood are some examples. I didn't say all PS4 games. But the lighting, animations, draw distance, and texture streaming on the original uncharted put "some" PS4 games to shame.

PlayableGamez-614d ago

You need your eyes checked then.

Stogz614d ago

Maybe hook your PS4 up to an HD TV?

Movefasta1993614d ago

it definitely has better water graphics than most games this gen but that's it really

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