Xbox 360 Lean, Granite and Pure related to Valhalla chipset?

Could the rumoured Xbox codenames relate to three new versions of the 2009 Valhalla chipset models?

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edhe4076d ago

Terrible name, if true.

AAACE54076d ago

They are probably just releasing smaller updated versions! For all we know, they might feel like the current 360 doesn't look attractive enough for gamers. And could slim it down and possibly put in a disc loader like the Ps3 and Wii!

It might be time for some kind of update to the system to increase overall appeal, and try to renew peoples faith in the 360.

In a twisted way... This could explain the price cuts as well!

DJ4076d ago

With a different coat of paint, eh?

BoneMagnus4076d ago

A "new" 360 could end concerns over the RROD - "An improved design"...hopefully the new model doesn't have problems, or it could affect them into the next generation.

GameOn4076d ago

A slim-line 360 with a disc loader would be sweet but they need to keep it cheap still.

poeo4076d ago

does anyone else think these codenames for chipsets etc are just RIDICULOUS and EMBARRASSING?

Valhalla chipset... lol... it's just a freaking chipset, dont give it a cool name pretending it's uhh.. cool.

Freezingduck4076d ago

However, that is a fitting description

ThanatosDMC4076d ago

If it aint broken, dont fi... oh wait!