A New Metal Gear Solid Game "Exists"

siliconera reports
"Solid Snake's story is finished, but that doesn't mean Konami is going to seal the Metal Gear Solid franchise in an early grave. The first sign of a new Metal Gear Solid game comes from the Japanese Trademark database where Konami registered Metal Gear Existence with the boring image on the right. It's made to be used with video games so it's likely, very likely, the name of a future Metal Gear Solid game. Going by the title alone it sounds like we're going to visit the existence - or origins of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. So, will this be another game starring Big Boss? Let the wild pre-Tokyo Game Show speculation begin!"

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida4076d ago

Exclusively on the Playstation 3.The Flopbox 3FIXME version has been canceled due to inferior specs.

badz1494076d ago

and it sells A LOT! so, who didn't expect this?

NO_PUDding4076d ago

No one didn't expect it.

Kojima said at the end of the last one too, that they can just develop on the great PS3 tech they have. And with MGS4 performing VERY well, I think we'll be seeing another MGS exclusive.

MazzingerZ4076d ago

I hope it includes a theatre mode...and a remake of MGS3 :P

JoySticksFTW4076d ago

and yeah, Theatre Mode is a must.

And add some quirky mini-games like they did with Ape Escape on MGS3. Those were fun

sehnsucht4076d ago

Sounds like this could just be the "expanded" MGS4. But they already used Existence as the 3rd disk of Subsistence so who knows.

TrevorPhillips4076d ago

mgs 5 now it would be more badass but hasn't snake suffered alot in mgs4 its time for him to step down and for a new character to get in

mfwahwah4076d ago


Avast ye, landlubber! Snake's got nigh 6 months 'till he be in Davy Jones! Not much time fer a gentleman o'fortune to e'er fight! He be loaded to the Gunwales with grog and grabbin' a lass! Yo ho ho!


MvmntInGrn4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

The real question is whether it will be exclusive or not.

Hmmmm Well if it is using the MGS4 engine then may not be, something tells me MGS4 was the last metal gear exclusive. We will see. (Sony write a check for this one, just do it...)

VF34EJ254076d ago

Yeah because Kojima Productions are gonna love to work with the DVD9! Much more space to work with than Blu-Ray!

Algullaf4076d ago

mgs is a Quilty software
Quilty software alwayz have a PS logo on theme


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The story is too old to be commented.