Things that need to change about Halo takes the liberty to change almost all the mechanics that were subliminally present in the game but were never implemented in the final structure.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida4079d ago

You can't fix Halo anymore.Its like an oil fire.You just got to let it burn and die out.

dirtrider4079d ago

anyways this article just sounds like a jealous rant from yet another ignorant ps3 fanboy.

Flopbox4078d ago

lord yoshida me and you share the same opinion,halo cant be fixed;ts too broken

Freezingduck4078d ago

Nor can you teach a failed dog new tricks

TrevorPhillips4079d ago

well lets see they need to fix the resolution and not set it to 564p and the game needs more working on it and not get overhyped and i hope masterchief returns

gaffyh4079d ago

Halo needs better graphics (i.e. so that it can actually be called next-gen) and a better story (cos Halo 3's story was not great), and it has to have Masterchief in it IMO. Without Masterchief it's like having an MGS without Solid Snake (like MGS2), pointless

Monchichi0254079d ago

We love Halo just the way it is! Leave it alone. That formula has worked great so far making Halo one of (if not the most) beloved franchises.

And of course there will always be the haters, but they are just that....HATERS!!! You know your doing something great when you can have so much haters. (Hi gaffyh!) ;)

StephanieBBB4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

For this they would need:

*Of course as said above, better graphics.
*Gameplay that switches between FPS and RTS.
*Multiple halo rings and a flexible story so you could choose to which you would want to destroy first.
*An insertion strategy where you'd have multiple points to choose from whence you land on the rings.
*5 player online co-op in singleplayer mode where Masterchief is the commander that can switch between RTS and FPS view and 4 other soldiers that are equally trained and armored as masterchief.
*Deathmatch and team deathmatch plus all other modes with up to 32 players.
*A map mix with everything between deep amazon jungle maps to sand blowing desert maps.
*New veichles and smarter AI
*In RTS mode you should be able to call in supplies and veichles to your liking much like in mercenaries 2 but with an overview like in Halo wars.

Overall make halo more appealing to the grown up crowd with strategy and complexity...

281219864078d ago

should expand on his abilities bit...

DiabloRising4078d ago

I'd like to see some actual bosses. In that respect Halo 3 disappointed me utterly. I mean... the last boss we got, compared to what we COULD have had. Gravemind anyone? Bungie made vehicles work on consoles, and added the amazing video recording feature. But it can't give its epic trilogy an epic finale? Disappointing for me.

This is one reason why I think Halo, while great and definitely an important title for console FPS growth, is not the "perfect" or "greatest" FPS ever.

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Stryfeno24079d ago

Master chief should not die.

TheColbertinator4079d ago

When you beat Legendary in Halo 3,I wonder what planet the Chief came to.I think its Onyx but i'm not sure

hfaze4078d ago

I have yet to understand why so many people think that the Halo series is so great.

I have played through all three of the games, and I do have to agree that the original Halo provided the best single player campaign by a long shot.

The only real thing that I can say for Halo 2 & 3 is that Bungie has the best online matchmaking system in the industry. Other than that, I can't think of anything else to say... The single player campaigns just didn't stack up to the original, and I honestly have more fun with the Call of Duty games online than I do with Halo 2 & 3.

I agree with the author of the article that Halo 3 should have been rated around a seven, no higher than an 8.

AAACE54079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

I want a new story, new characters, new gameplay, new location... New everything!

The story of Halo takes place in space. I want it to not be what we as humans expect. But something that we don't expect.

Master Chief is not that important! If anything, I would like to have Master chief playing alongside me during the game!

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