Why Wii Music is a Toy and NOT a Game

Slashgamer writes why they think Wii Music shouldn't be called a game but why it IS in fact a TOY.

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Mahr4079d ago

"But to call it a game in our opinion makes the industry we love look VERY immature."

You know what makes the industry, not only of games, but of electronic publication, look very immature?

Writing ARTICLES with RANDOM use of ALLCAPS about nothing in PARTICULAR.

Gr814079d ago

This article even get approved? What different does it make what it is "toy" "game" both words are pretty synonomous aren't they? Ridiculous.

ChickeyCantor4079d ago

Funny thing about that quote is that, well they pretend this "industry" never made such things.

Some people live in a's pathetic.
The guy doesn't even know the industry apparently because he is calling the WHOLE industry immature just because of Wii-music.

The guy deserves a b/tch slap.

Voiceofreason4079d ago

Even Miyamoto said it was more of a toy than a game. Another person who chose to write an article without getting any sort of facts before hand. Who is he even arguing with? If even Nintendo is calling it a toy, I dont see who he is trying to prove this to.