You Can Now Play Halo 5 Multiplayer For Free on PC

Halo 5 Forge, the free Hao 5 map making tool on Windows, has gotten a huge update, one that effectively makes it a free multiplayer game.

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XanderZane2304d ago

It just the Forge app only. You create the maps using the Forge application and then you can test it out with friends online. That's about it. I wonder if gamers can download those maps from the PC and play them with Halo 5 on the XBox One? I'll have to look into that. Please make more maps on the PC so we can play them on our XBox One. Enjoy.

Fishy Fingers2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

No. It's just user made maps. Basically just let's you 'open' (test) your map up to the community rather than individually inviting players.

Far from the 'real' or full Halo 5 package/experience.

But for free it's cool nonetheless and gets the PC community more engaged ahead of the inevitable Halo 6.

game4funz2304d ago

This is what I am hoping for.
Halo 6 on pc and couch co op returns.

Hopefully they drop Locke and concentrate on Master Cheif and Cortana like they did with Halo 4.

Artemidorus2304d ago

So make it free for Xbox users

UltraNova2304d ago

No Gold sub and free Halo MP on xb1? Dream on buddy.

This smells like the 2nd divisive step where xbox console owners get the sour end of the deal (1st being free online on PC for the same games).

Artemidorus2304d ago

So it's better to play on PC, free and runs better.

Xbox Live is an outdated subscription.

Fishy Fingers2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Better unless you want actual 343 created content. This is purely user created MP maps.

Looking at benchmarks it also pretty demanding so you'll need a ok/decent rig (GTX970) if you want it to 'run better' at a sensible res.

Yeah agree on the subscription, but they're the norm for consoles now so don't expect any change on that front. Lasted a few weeks on PC if I remember right.

UltraNova2304d ago

Ok I see. Subs on consoles suck but at least we get some free games.

Charybdis2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Props to 343 give credits where credits are due listening to halo fans feedback with their continual updates even if it may be a divisive step .Making forge also free on xbox one sounds like a good idea hope they will also implement this idea.

ABizzel12304d ago


It only needs a 970 to run everything max in 1080p @ 60fps.

You can run Halo 5 with a GTX 760 = GTX 950 = GTX 1050, which are budget cards at this point in 1080p @ 60fps High / Medium settings, which is still above the XBO version.

It's actually a decent port, just missing some traditional PC features since I picked it up last. You can even do Forge editor in 60fps on a 750ti (multiplayer is unlikely to run at 60fps on the 750 though, unless you drop to 720p).

freshslicepizza2304d ago

you have to manually invite people so i can understand why they can get away with a paid service like xbox live that handle matchmaking, achievemnets and tracking for all your friends on all games. there really is no unified store on the pc.

anyways i will see if i can try it out

LexHazard792304d ago

@ultra, we dont get free games (well xbox 360 owner do or did)

All you get is access to those games via subscription.

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Fishy Fingers2304d ago

I only recently learned you could even get Forge on PC (bit noob when it comes to Xbox) so I've been meaning to download. This is just the extra motivation to get it done.

TheColbertinator2304d ago

This is good. Test them out on PC first to get things sent to Xbox Live. Nonetheless it's free so kudos to 343

ShowanW2304d ago


This is basically user created content (map editor) for Halo 5.
This allows gamer to create maps using Forge Editor test (now with a mp component)
And anything you do on the Forge Editor on PC, you can send over to the Xbox Side

Create and test on PC... Like the results, send it over to Xbox...

Paytaa2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Forge controls are easier with mouse precision. Making maps on PC is fsster and then send it to Xbox to play. That was kind of the whole point of Halo 5: Forge.

game4funz2304d ago

User created content... later gets put on the xbox. Not much to be confused about.

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