NFS Producer : "No demo for Undercover"

Need for Speed : Undercover producer John Doyle has stated that they will not be releasing a demo for the latest iteration of the long running series. wonders why.

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TrevorPhillips4073d ago

ah who cares its gonna be the same thing as pro street, the producer said that the gameplay from pro street is back on undercover seriously i missed nfs hot pursuit why cant they remake that and high stakes

markettantrik4073d ago

Well .. according to our first impressions, the gameplay itself is better than Prostreet but there are a host of technical problems in this build.

InMyOpinion4073d ago

Sluggish framerates and sloppy controls are becoming somewhat of a trademark for NFS.

AAACE54073d ago

The quality of NFS games has been lackluster in my opinion! I liked Most Wanted, but after that, the NFS games were weak. I guess i'll just have to buy it used like I planned to in the first place.

You should all really be looking into Midnight Club: Los Angeles! MC:LA should be a day 1 purchase in my opinion!

beavis4play4073d ago

NFS has went downhill since "hot pursuit". i played the he11 out of that game. not interested until they get back to that style of racer.

ChrisGTR14073d ago

but this is an open world game.... isnt it?

hotrider124069d ago

man!!! thats been my issue since last year. WHY!!! CANT THEY RE-MAKE HOTPURSUIT 2 AND MAKE HPS 3 AND HIGH STAKES 2!!!!

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Jamegohanssj54073d ago

It's going to suck anyway.


ape0074073d ago

because what?


or rocks?

sfinXters4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

For games like this one no demo usually means that they're too afraid to release one. Meaning - it sucks so much, that demo will probably hamper sales.

poopsack4073d ago

you lost a potential buyer.

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The story is too old to be commented.