PlayTV now available in Europe

PlayTV, the Personal Video Recording device for the PlayStation 3, launches in Europe today retailing for £69. The device will allow users to watch, pause and record Live TV as well as remotely access the device using the PSP and Remote Play. After installation, a new icon is added to the XMB (between Video and Game) to provide easy access to the TV program. A demo and trailer of PlayTV can be downloaded from the European PlayStation Store.

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rmatott3779d ago

so can i just buy this off a UK website and use it here in the states on my ps3?

Marty83703779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Nope, only works in UK, France, Germany, Italy & Spain. Other European countries will follow later. There will be know US 'PlayTV' as you can't pick up Freeview channels in the states.

Vip3r3779d ago

I'm not 100% sure about this but as a guess I'd say yes it would work.

mac4u103779d ago

but most hd tv if not all has freeview so the point who records tv?

Marty83703779d ago

That's the whole point, and PlayTV supports remote play. So I can record TV by remote play while I'm out

And there are some retards on this site, why the hell I got disagree's when what I said above is true. PlayTV won't work in the US. It will only work via the PSP remote play in US, then you would be required to have a PS3 recieving PlayTV freeview siginal in eithier UK, France, Germany, Italy or Spain.