Call Of Duty 3 - 'Valor' Map Pack Arrives Today!

5 More maps arrive today for Call of Duty 3 on the Xbox Marketplace for just 800 points. The varied maps include a shipyard, POW camp and even a hill top outlook post. Grab your rifle soldier!

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Havince5230d ago

So im expected to pay 800 points for maps for a game that constantly kicks you from the lobby AND FREEZES on loading screens. Dont make me laugh

bumnut5230d ago

i did have problems with my old router but i replaced it with an xbox live recommended one and it works fine

JPomper5230d ago

Hahaha enjoy paying $10 for maps.

Marriot VP5230d ago

I thought sony had online for this??? Guess not.

iballa5230d ago

$10 is nothing, Are you homeless?

Leo Atrox5230d ago

"Just 800 points." Umm ... That's $10, which is not a paltry sum. I can get a rock-solid XBLA game for that type of money. What is the point of the points system if all the prices are divisible by 80? Where're my 10-point gamerpics and 100 point themes? Where are my 200 point map packs?

Does everyone remember the uproar over the price of Oblivion's horse armor? (Do you remember what that price was that pissed so many people off?)

These are hardly "micro" transactions!

LuminousAphid5230d ago

This is hardly "micro" content. 5 maps is almost half of what the game originally came with. If you consider multiplayer to be half the game, that's $30. So half of the maps originally cost you $15 (the engine, guns, vehicles, etc. are already in the single player). $10 is a pretty good price by my estimate, as it's somewhat less than what you payed for each map originally.

sjappie5230d ago

when I start up the game they don't appear in the map list. When I go back to the dashboard and then restart the game they're still not there. Does anyone else have this problem?

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