Peter Moore: CD Distribution won't exist in Five to Ten Years

Guardian Interview with Peter Moore has been published with Part 4 talking about Moore's projections for the videogame business. Talking about the change from consumers heading to retail shops to buy games, Moore believes that this business model will not exist in five to ten years, because consumers will purchase games online due to bigger hard drives and faster broadband connections.

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Jamie Foxx3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

be a mate and tell me what the lottery numbers are for next week,thanks dude

i agree downloads will become popular but there will always be people who want the material product,going into a shop and walking out with something in your hand,retail therapy

elitewh0re3684d ago

right, tell that to the insane amounts of music,film and video game pirates all over the internet.

Magnust3684d ago

tell that to the even insaner amount of people that buy stuff...

Tacki3684d ago

Pirates do what they do because they can get things for free with those methods. I don't think for most of them it's actually about 'preferring' downloads. They can't afford and/or don't want to spend their money so they 'steal' it online.

Digital distribution will no doubt continue to grow in popularity... but I Moore saying that physical media will cease to exist is absurd. Especially in 5-10 years. There's still people out there who don't even have internet, let alone a high speed connection. That crowd won't simply be abandoned. There's likely to still be a market at retail for years to come even if digital downloads do really take off.

dro3684d ago

not really...most people do not have credit cards or debit cards to pay online, i think downloading online will be big some were in the near future but they will also keep the option to go to the shop and pay cash fot the cd. look at the music industry for example, i tunes has pretty much started that but u dont see stores like hmv,dixons..e.t.c stop selling cds.

HighDefinition3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Magnust`s comment was the BEST.


BTW, this is why Peter Moore shouldn`t be involved w/ any console. He thought CDs would be fine for the DC, he thought DVD would be fine for 360. Know he think DD will be fine. See the pattern.

omni_atlas3684d ago

not everyone has a freaking t1 line going to the house moore, you moron. I live in SE asia and the internet link to US sites are extremely slow. If you're more then happy to set up some servers in asia then we'll talk.

beans3684d ago

You do realize that in 5 to ten years consoles and devices might all have satellite reception built into them. More then likely we will be connected in different ways and the people without it will be able to get on through this type of transmission. This is what i think though and not to far fetched.

The Lazy One3684d ago

5-10 years =/= tommorow.

my broadband speed has more than doubled in the past 3 years, and that's on almost entirely existing infrastructure. Once we get infrastructure that's either updatable or can sustain advancements for a while then we'll start having some ridiculous speeds.

BattleAxe3684d ago

As per the title of the article, I agree CDs will not be in distribution in 5-10 years, but Blu-Ray disc sales will be through the roof :)

Tacki3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

I realize that many things could happen. I'm certainly not ruling out the kind of technology you mention... but I was merely stating what I feel is 'likely' to happen.

I'll admit that your suggestion in no way sounds 'far-fetched' but I'm unsure if something like that will be here in 5-10 years. Then again I don't have the slightest clue as to what technology like that might cost. Or its limitations. At this moment in time I could only imagine it to be extremely expensive. We'll just have to see where the industry takes us (or where we take the industry). I do feel what you propose is interesting though.

No matter what we end up with I'm sure I'll still be there. Though I personally would prefer to stick with physical media as I'm one of those 'collector' types. Did it with movies, games, figures, cards... you name it!

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robotnik3684d ago

this guy is everywhere!
I wonder where he hides his crystal ball...

MazzingerZ3684d ago

He wants SONY to hire him

f7897903683d ago

I'm getting tired of Peter Moore says:_________

Raoh3684d ago

i wonder what comcast, time warner cable and other companies looking to put download caps and charge extra for those who download more have to say about that...

f7897903683d ago

Why because the instant you get more bandwidth its taken up instantly by things you didnt expect. Give one reason why any of the ISPs in the US should roll out fiber optic wires for us. There is none because they can continue making money off of you with current speeds.

Jamegohanssj53684d ago

This guy just doesn't shut the hell up does he?


CBaoth3684d ago

for anything but honesty. Blame Guardian for taking a single interview and breaking it into several pieces designed to generate massive hits due to its volatile nature - mission accomplished.

Citizen Cook3684d ago

Not long now... The UK already has 20 MB/s

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