Miyamoto, Takahashi and Takeda on Switch's third-party support, ease of porting, more

NE: "Nintendo has just published a translated transcript of the Q&A session at their latest Corporate Management Policy Briefing. The following question is about Nintendo’s third party relations regarding the Switch, how Nintendo’s own internal development teams are handling it and Nintendo partnering up with NVIDIA."

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corroios644d ago

is a high-performance system. Really?Maybe compared to the 3DS.

It will be easy for 3rd party ports with 4GB of ram and maybe one teraflop? Well, only if that game will also be coming for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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yams99641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

Porting has little to do with the strength of hardware, as dropping graphical quality to fit specs is immensely easier than pushing quality higher. This is why we STILL get sports games on 360. They're just easy to make.

Nintendo's problem in the past was their stupid required peripherals, like 2 screens at once / waggle, that forced a ton of extra features into every port. Their only problem moving forward now is that publishers don't trust them. Porting DOES cost money after all, even if dropping the poly count and shaders is easy. And until they can move 8-12 million units before next january, EA ain't porting no Mass effect and UBI ain't porting no creed. Sand boxes are too expensive until profit becomes a sure thing.

Einhander1971642d ago

What makes u an expert u wouldn't know where to start if they gave u a dev kit for any console.
Not mentioning switch, grow up.