Gamernode: Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise Review

Gamernode writes: "When the first Viva Piñata came out, most people had one thought in mind: this seems more like a Nintendo DS game than a Microsoft 360 one. In fact, consumers may have felt the same way as evidenced by the lower-than-desired sales compared to the critical success the game achieved. Still, Microsoft stuck by the franchise, and it has consequently spawned a cartoon, a spin-off party game, and a full-blown sequel. Even with all the various Piñata titles roaming the world, there was still one thing missing: Piñatas on the go.

With no Microsoft handheld, Rare was left with two choices: Sony or Nintendo. Despite past differences, Rare stuck with Nintendo once again, and the result is one of the more captivating handheld titles this year."

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