Eurogamer: MadWorld Preview

Eurogamer writes: "It's difficult to understand why there's so much controversy surrounding MadWorld when the violence is so very Tom and Jerry. It's mostly prop-based, slapstick comedy; giant spikes, falling objects, tires being jammed over characters' heads, enemies getting thrown into the path of subway trains. If it weren't for the copious red splashes spattering the black and white gameworld and the vicious, limb-ripping finishing moves, it would be hard to imagine it sparking much debate - even on the family-friendly Wii.

MadWorld is a violent comedy, reminiscent of No More Heroes in attitude as well as visual style. There's a smidgen of God Hand in there somewhere, too - the game doesn't take itself remotely seriously, as the over-the-top, foul-mouthed, American-accented voiceovers and tongue-in-cheek mini-games attest. It's a high score playground, essentially, where the object is to chain attacks and inventively violent environmental effects together for maximum comedy effect, and maximum violent fun."

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