GameCyte: Yggdra Union Review

GameCyte Writes:

"Apart from having to miss out on Yggdra Union's cinematics when one is in a hurry, the game offers a long and comprehensive list of features that allow gamers on the go to stop playing, and start again, whenever the situation warrants. The PSP's inherent "sleep" feature will obviously allow you to stop and start playing at your leisure, but for those situations when the batteries are about to die, Yggdra Union offers the "suspend" feature, a must for any portable title: The player can save a single mission-in-progress to the memory card, allowing them to pick up right where they left off even if the system needs to be completely shut down. But, what if you need to take a break for days at a time, and resume after you've forgotten what you were doing? Yggdra Union has you covered - at any time, on demand, the player is able to look up the battle's current objectives, consult easy-to-read, no-search guides to his cards, items, and weapon advantages, or even replay any of the tutorial cut-scenes he has witnessed thus far."

"By providing these tools, Yggdra Union allows players to give themselves a refresher course whenever they need, and offers an admirable level of portable-friendly game mechanics while still delivering an epic (though unusually cute) story and battle system for strategy enthusiasts. By dodging a number of potential design problems, Sting and Atlus have managed to deliver a title which allows players to lose themselves for several hours in the ever-changing battlefields of Fantasinia, yet still hop off the train halfway through the war. If you enjoy SRPGs, Yggdra Union has a lot to offer, and is worth checking out."

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