GameCyte: Castle Crashers Review

GameCyte Writes:

"In another game, I'd be willing to chalk this problem up to unforeseen launch bugs - which can happen to anyone - but here, it's really a major disappointment. The fact that this game has been in development for such a long, long, time (and the fact that it was allegedly complete back in mid-May) really leaves one wondering why such a glaring bug wasn't ironed out. In addition, for a game whose emphasis is so firmly on multiplayer fun, crippling the online connectivity is going to be a dealbreaker for a large number of players. Behemoth is working on the problem already, and we're sure everything will be fixed eventually, but it needs to be stated that Castle Crashers was released with a glaring defect. For now, at review time, this is a major problem that cannot be ignored, and we can't give Castle Crashers an unqualified recommendation as such."

"The offline portion, on the other hand, is a very positive experience. Behemoth has sunk a lot of love and character into the game, and it shows - if you can play it under the right circumstances. If you have access to three real-life friends, and an adequate supply of controllers, and the time to all play the game together from front to back so nobody is left behind progression-wise, Castle Crashers should absolutely be purchased and enjoyed. We hope to be able to say the same to everybody else at some point."

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