SCEE: 'India will emerge as key development hub for international companies'

Develop writes: "Ten-times growth in domestic sales will also see domestic development market flourish

Speaking to Develop as part of our focus on Asian territories, SCEE's country manager for India Atindriya Bose has said that the region's talent will soon see it play a part in many international studios' development plans.

"The competence and the state of readiness of the Indian developers makes it imperative that India soon will emerge as a key development hub for many international games companies," said Bose."

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sinncross3685d ago

Can't wait... the other article states there is a game about the Hindu gods, so maybe A GoW type game, though I dont think it would be quite as gory.

SCEE released a Bollywood Singstar once for PS2, maybe they'll start to offer them as downloads cause some of the music from the films are really really entertaining... if you like Japanese music, for instance, you would enjoy some Hindi music I cna assure you.

Also there are a few of films which can get game versions, like Krissh, even the upcoming Drona, which is basically what the new prince of persia movie should have been in all honesty.