Top 10 Most Important Franchises Today

Gaming has plenty of important franchises out there, but which are the most important? From Street Fighter and Metal Gear Solid to Mario and Halo, 411's Derek Robbins ranks his top 10 most important gaming franchises! Check out the latest edition of the 10th Hour to see which franchises made the list and why.

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TrevorPhillips3776d ago

why is Halo 3 number 1, and where the heck is call of duty 4?

Lekumkee3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

I think I threw up a little...

SeNiLe9113776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

I would not be a gamer today. It's my brothers fault as well, if it wasn't for him, I might not ever found out about Halo either. Blame him, it's his fault.

So yeah, Halo should be #1 in my book since it's basically what made the Xbox the Xbox and the Xbox 360. I don't think Microsoft would have had enough interest in there console with anything else as much as Halo did for them.

MiloGarret3776d ago

When I see your brother.. man I'm gonna kick his ass!

I joke.

JoySticksFTW3776d ago

The guy says "Today Mario is the face of the Nintendo Wii."

No, Mario is still the face of video games for all generations.

Not Master Chief, not Solid Snake, not even Pac-Man anymore

It's Mario

I don't even own a Wii and recognize this

dro3776d ago

no one should be suprised that halo 3 is number 1 bcuz it is bloodmask that did the list, if u have been a member on this site for a long time u would know he is a 360 fan boi but he trys to hide it. how can grand tursimo not be in the list and god of war?!?!?!?!

Monchichi0253775d ago

Did you even bother to read the article??? It totally disses Halo on a personal level. But it goes into reasonable reasons why Halo is number 1.

And I must agree that it did make gaming cool. Before Halo, gaming was seen as a kids thing or something done by nerds or loners. Halo introduced “community” gaming to the masses. People would go out of there way to set up “Lan” parties and play Halo hours at the time.

So hate all you want, be you must appreciate what Halo did to the industry.

BlackTar1873775d ago

Is bring the teenage kids to the scene and if I could have it back i would. Games are in general worse now story is crap gameplay is crap and graphics are awesome another thing these underage kids that came in from halo caused. So no I think it messed up the industry and ruined alot of things gameing in its wake. Disagree all you want Im a die hard halo 1 fan but after that halo did more harm then good. Just like hollywood budget films they suck 9 out of 10 times. If you don't agree with me thats fine but I know for a fact these little annoying kids came from halo(Yes they were there before but not in the millions.)Its the kids who firs systems were ps2's and xbox that cause the issue and it just so happen to coexist with halo. Hmm

Hate all you want ps3 fans and xbox fans I dont draw a line I play the entire square which is something haloand its droves of 13yrolds brought in.

You think if Sega still had a console and not microsoft there would be this huge console war? No its part of Microsoft business plan they have used it since the inception of there company.

Play games to play games please

Please note that I love the Xbox 360 and wouldnt trade it for anything I hate microsoft. and its a little off topic but dont get those 2 confused please.

waltercross3775d ago

I Never played any Halo game before, It was Zelda, and Final Fantasy
that started it for me.

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AmericanPsycho233776d ago

I have always thought halo: combat evolved was the best of the series. Bubbles to you, I love COD4.

InMyOpinion3776d ago

The reports on this one are hilarious!

"Lame: (41 minutes ago)
his right you cant just have your own opinion on which game is the best
Reported by: Agent-X"

That's right! You should have someone elses opinion! lol!

Asurastrike3776d ago

I personally believe Gran Turismo deserves a spot on the list.

MiloGarret3776d ago

Yeah, I don't even like GT but I know it should be on a top 10 list of most important franshises.

BrunoM3776d ago

ok to start how can halo be #1 ok dont get me wrong halo started all these FPS thing on consoles(well the good ones) but it cant me in front of games like

Grand Theft Auto
Final Fantasy
Metal Gear Solid
Street Fighter

Thouse are games that DID do something for gaming and EVEN for halo.. but what ever every one sees things ther own way but i think is just dumb to have halo ahead of these other games that have done ALOT for the history of gaming even a fanboy can agree with that!

NMC20073776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

didn't Halo start as a RTS game on the PC?
Oh and I totally disagree with Halo being number 1 as well, that is ridiculous.

Freezingduck3776d ago

But I do remember my days with Doom

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