Leading the Pack: Elena Fisher From ‘Uncharted’

There is a moment near the end of the first Uncharted game in which Elena Fisher falls through the crumbling boards of an old bridge. Protagonist Nathan Drake scrambles to catch her hand as she hangs from her fingertips. In order to save herself, she has to drop the camera that she’s had with her for the entire story into the river far below. Contained within is a record of all their adventures that she wants to report on — as is her job and passion — upon her return.

And she’s forced to lose it.

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bluefox755615d ago (Edited 615d ago )

Started reading this ridiculous article, and couldn't make it any further after this gem: "I felt that Nate was let off or even glorified for some of his worst traits — impulsivity bordering on obsession; cultural insensitivity bordering on outright racism..."

Now I've heard the common complaint that: "Nate is a mass murderer, he kills hundreds of people and the story doesn't really reflect this, etc."
I think this is a silly complaint because like any video game, you're expected to suspend your disbelief a bit. But no, this feminist didn't have a single problem with Nate killing hundreds of men, the REAL problem was "cultural insensitivity".

Feminists. This is why people hate you.

Lamboomington615d ago (Edited 614d ago )

why don't you actually read the entire thing ?

All she says is that Nate is portrayed as one who is dismissive of human life, culturally insensitive, a bit disconnected from a realistic emotional response etc, and like you pointed out this is necessary for the game. For Elena, there is less of this 'Ludonarrative Dissonance'. The author points out that this is likely just the result of being a secondary character, but still has the end result of less narrative dissonance, and because of that, Elena as a character comes across differently. She brings something to the story that Drake doesn't.

That is all. That is literally all the author said. It's just a bit of an analysis. She isn't arguing with your point.

Don't simply label it SJW without even reading it.

Before you start throwing around 'feminists' or 'sjw', actually analyze it and see if it is logical or not. The same goes for criticism of the portrayal of sex in video games. Sex, just like any aspect of a game, can be criticized. Gamers on n4g often dismiss it regardless of whether it makes sense or not, throwing around the word 'sjw' and using straw man arguments.

Don't do that. Actually read through the whole thing, and see if it is logical or not. That should be the criteria, not "oh this seems like it has a tinge of feminism about it I hate it"

bluefox755614d ago

I gave it a chance. I even ignored the "femhype" domain. There was absolutely nothing in the games that had Nate "bordering on racism", and they included zero examples to support that accusation. That's what feminists do. They throw out labels and accusations, and they never provide any evidence to support their claims. I can totally understand the argument that Nate and Elena complement each other, and perhaps if the writer had focused on that rather than making ridiculous, unsubstantiated claims of racism, then perhaps it would resonate more?

ShadowWolf712615d ago


Typing this dreck out and actually believing it.

Lamboomington614d ago

I am imagining it. Doesn't seem too bad at all.

Did you even read it ?

ShadowWolf712614d ago

Yeah. And given how off-kilter the Drake assessment is, I'm not exactly going further and trusting their assessment of Elena either.

Lamboomington614d ago

Before everyone comes in and bashes it for being "SJW", actually read the article please. There's nothing wrong with it. It is literally just an analysis of Elena as a character, how she is portrayed, and what she adds to the story.