Atari NYC Media Day: Destructoid Preview Alone in the Dark on the PS3

Samit Sarkar writes: "I was really looking forward to Alone in the Dark -- so much so, that I put it at number eight on my list of the top 10 PS3 games I was anticipating the most this year. I say "was" -- as in, past tense -- because, of course, the reviews of the 360 version were overwhelmingly negative. As a PS3 owner, I retained a small sliver of hope, praying that developer Eden Games would fix the myriad problems with the 360 version."

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badz1495304d ago

they actually made quite a lot of improvements over there for the PS3 version! with trophies, I think this game will do pretty good on PS3 and I might give it a try if the reviews are good or at least better than the one on 360!