Atari NYC Media Day: Destructoid Preview Alone in the Dark on the PS3

Samit Sarkar writes: "I was really looking forward to Alone in the Dark -- so much so, that I put it at number eight on my list of the top 10 PS3 games I was anticipating the most this year. I say "was" -- as in, past tense -- because, of course, the reviews of the 360 version were overwhelmingly negative. As a PS3 owner, I retained a small sliver of hope, praying that developer Eden Games would fix the myriad problems with the 360 version."

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badz1495693d ago

they actually made quite a lot of improvements over there for the PS3 version! with trophies, I think this game will do pretty good on PS3 and I might give it a try if the reviews are good or at least better than the one on 360!


Alone in the Dark review [SideQuesting]

The new Alone in the Dark remake doesn't do anything especially noteworthy, but that doesn't mean it's bad. It's just... cromulent.

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Alone in the Dark's 2024 remake is compelling but rough around the edges

The original Alone in the Dark - hailing all the way back from 1992 - is re-imagined with Unreal Engine 4. The story and puzzle elements are dramatically overhauled, where PS5, Series X and S strive for 60fps gameplay in a decent performance mode. However there are technical rough points to this release which detract from what could be a much better game.

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purple1016d ago

series S performance mode, 800x450p - 1600-900p

so NEVER hits 1080, and goes as low as a ps2.

this consoles dead to me


Alone in the Dark review - Safe Reboot Misses Mark | TechStomper

"Alone in the Dark (2024) squanders a thick atmosphere by playing it safe - a missed opportunity to resurrect a seminal title in the survival horror canon."

- Stuart Cullen, TechStomper

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PrimeVinister11d ago

We didn't like it much either. A missed opportunity.

ROCKY2811d ago

I will be the 1st to say that a great game
but this game not good needed better development - not sure if the dev's were rush or just needed direction ?
either way no biggies as there has not been a good alone in the dark in many many many years.

PrimeVinister11d ago

@ROCKY28 I loved The New Nightmare, that was 25 years ago. But I still wanted this to be good.

ROCKY2811d ago

I wanted it to be good as well 👍

TheEroica11d ago

Is anyone surprised? It's looked bad the entire time and only apologists say nice things about it.

PrimeVinister11d ago

Some of the environments had a chilling atmosphere. But that evaporates when anything happens.