Tecmo And Koei To Have Concrete Plan In Two Months

Kotaku writes: "After rejecting Square Enix's "friendly" takeover, Tecmo announced on September 4th that it was in talks to merge with game company Koei. In an official announcement, it was stated the aim to integrate management was in hopes of creating a "stable and secure environment" as well as respect each other's individuality. Tecmo has announced that on September 17th, a commission was formally set up to move forward with management integration talks."

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INehalemEXI3685d ago

I would of loved it if SE acquired Tecmo. Could of had a blend of Bushido Blade and DoA or DoA vs Dissidia.

Andreas-Sword3684d ago

TECMO and KOEI, please megre!

And make a new game= "Dynasty + Ninja"