GayGamer Review: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

GayGamer writes: "I am a long time Star Wars fan, but I am a particular type of Star Wars fan. I saw the first movie in the theaters when it came out and subsequently enjoyed the next to films, Ewoks not withstanding. As for the remaining three films, well I just like to pretend they don't exist until it comes time to make fun of them. As a kid I collected the toys and still even have some of my action figures and Land Speeder in a box somewhere. I'm not what you would call a "hardcore" fan, but I definitely loved the films in their time. All that said, I have never gotten in to any of the Star Wars video games save the stand up arcade machine where you just destroyed the Death Star over an over ad nauseum. So when Star Wars: The Force Unleashed arrived at my doorstep I figured it was time to see how far Star Wars games have come since the old days."

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badz1493683d ago

of promising so much yet delivering not enough! but 7 is not 'that' bad and still worth at least a rental!