Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is out, and it's a heartbreaker (Ars Technica Review)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was one of the most promising action titles in recent memory. Sadly, the final release stumbles, badly, and isn't worth your attention.

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peowpeow3776d ago

I disagree, to an extent

RebelExtrm023775d ago

Why is everyone putting this game down? I swear most of these reviewers wouldn't know a good game if it bit them in the ass. I'm not even a star wars fanatic and I thought this game was amazing. If you are a fanatic this game fills an important gap between the two trilogies perfectly and is worth every moment. I've played through it twice now since you can play through a second time with all of the stuff you unlocked the first go around. The game is beautiful and very fun. If it sucks for you then you made it suck by not using your imagination while playing. They give you everything you need to play through this however you want.