Official White Knight Chronicles Site updated, Letter from Mr. Hino Akihiro

The Official White Knight Chronicles website has been updated with a letter from Mr. Hino Akihiro, President of Level-5. Translation courtesy of Neogaf User.

"Everyone, thank you for your patience.

White Knight Chronicle -Pulse from the Past-

It's been a while, but we will be bringing you a lot of new information rapidly, so please check back frequently.

Now, this mega epic RPG is LEVEL5's largest project to date. We went through a lot of hardships to bring the game to this point, but the effort was worth it, and is something we can present with much confidence, as we bring the development to its conclusion.

In this orthodox fantasy world, in addition to the satisfaction of controlling a giant character, we have a transforming hero (lol) which has allowed us to create a world where kids now and kids of yester-year can get excited about.

There is a feature that we haven't told anyone about which we are preparing. We will announce this at TGS 2008 in October so please look forward to it!

Hino Akihiro"

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sonarus5555d ago

level 5 seems to "lol" a lot. Anyway my eyes are on level 5 for TGS

INehalemEXI5555d ago

I am also looking forward to seeing this.

SixTwoTwo5555d ago

LoL which one is it already? I've heard 3 different translations on teh subtitle now. WKC Pulse from the Past, WKC Wave of the Ancient, and WKC Ancient Pulse.

personally i like Ancient Pulse

B-Rein5555d ago

@SixTwoTwo all three sound ever so kool, ill personally pick waves of the pulse.

Darn I cant wait for this game, it looks too good, the best RPG ive seen this gen

gaffyh5555d ago

Can't wait till October, TGS is going to be awesome.

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-_-5555d ago

[[xbox fans,start crying in 3...2...1...]]

Flopbox5555d ago


lnfinite5555d ago

Flop Odyssey and Boo Dragon are accompanied by Infinite Unfloppery,altogether they are the Tri-Flops

AngryBot5555d ago

The end is near.

2008 is PS3 year just like 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015!


And so it begins!

Flopbox5555d ago

The best RPG of the Year comin atcha only on PS3

5555d ago
Silogon5555d ago

This could possibly be "ONE" of the biggest RPG of all time with the momentium it's building now. The anticipation is getting crazy here and in Japan.