G4TV Tech Review: Slacker G2 Wi-Fi Radio

G4TV writes: "Today's tech review objectifies the Slacker G2, which is a music player that feeds off of your innermost desires to figure out what you might want to listen to.

What You Need to Know:

* It's almost an inch shorter than the first one, as well as lighter and thinner
* All the other buttons are large and backlit with dedicated functions
* It uses Wi-Fi to get all your music from the Slacker site
* There are two ways to save songs to your player
* Every time you "favorite" a song on the Slacker site, it will give you the option to transfer it to your player
* You can also press the heart button on the player itself and it will download it
* Not all songs have a Slacker licensing deal and may not be available for download
* You need a premium account to download songs ($8 a month), but you don't need it to just use the player

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