Sony Japan Releases Bravia App SDK

Christopher MacManus writes:

"Did you know that some Bravia televisions, such as those with an ethernet port (commonly found in Japan), are able to display websites? Sony should offer an ethernet port and functionality like this for their televisions around the world. It doesn't stop there, though - they basically have small desktops built into these devices that can display widgets simultaneously with a television show/etc. This is all available through the XMB like you would see on a Playstation 3 or PSP. There are currently a few widgets available, ranging from a clock, RSS news, weather and so forth. More complex widgets include the ability to view Yahoo! Auctions, Yahoo! Topics, and Yahoo! Image Search. Currently, the only Bravia models that are able to download and use widgets are the KDL-46F1 / 40F1 / 32F1 / 52V1 / 46V1 / 40V1 / 32J1 / 26J1 / 20J1 / 20M1 / 16M1, but Sony has suggested that it should become more prevalent in future Bravia TV's."

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